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Vagrant Story Questions?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    ask away!


    Chad Beauchamp

    Is it a game that holds up today is it worth playing now if I’ve never played before?



    Uh I have some questions but is the review already coming? I need to revisit some stuff in the game before I can ask you guys some stuff.


    I was planning to add my questions earlier in the week but have been mega busy in preparation for holiday (now over in Florida for the next 10 days, away from rainy UK). I’m hoping the review hasn’t been recorded yet, has been pushed back another week, or that you will be kind enough to answer questions on the next episode.

    1. What other (non-FF) games were you reminded of while playing vagrant story? I know you described it as a Diablo/JRPG hybrid, which I think is very apt. I also got a similar feeling to Eternal Darkness, e.g. survival horror in a dark fantasy setting. The cutscenes reminded me a little of Metal Gear Solid at times, although they aren’t quite as drawn out and there is no voice acting in VS. Perhaps the PS1 aesthetic accounts for a lot of that.

    2. If you could guarantee a glitch-free experience, how likely do you think it is that either of you will replay this game after you get to the end of UFF?

    3. What do you guys think of the lone protagonist & playable character VS the party-based combat we are normally presented with in main line FFs? Would you like to see a main line FF where you primarily play as one character battling alone?



    How did you feel about the facial animations? It blew my mind especially for it’s time.



    As I ask almost every review. Do you think this game deserves a sequal now So many years later? Do you feel like a remake or remaster would serve this game Well? Would you play it if it got re released today?



    What do you think about the main guy wearing a thong assless chaps thing lol?





    Some fans have made comparisons between the battle system gameplay in this to what is found in Parasite Eve 1-2. Do you agree that some things are similar?

    Did you guys enjoy the music? Could you tell it was Square composers?
    Thoughts on the final boss?
    Did you feel awesome beating the final boss?
    How many tries did it take?
    After beating the final boss did you do any extra stuff?
    Where do you rank all the Ivalice games now?
    X-2 Last Mission or this game?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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