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Ultimate cringe

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    Well since the phone line is dead I guess I’ll have to be boring and type out my question like everyone else.

    What are some of the most cringy things you’ve thought of for the show but maybe never carried through with because you were too embarrassed or thought after a while that it wouldn’t work?

    Any cringy memories with final fantasy? Such as someone walking in on you listening to 1000 words or cheesy dialog and you had to explain or deal with the awkward silence afterward?

    What about cringy suggestions? Ever had a fan say “you should try doing this” and you were just like “mmmm nah”?

    Talk about all things cringe and unleash your inner weeaboo thoughts. It’s fine. We’ve all had them at some point.



    These questions are meant for anyone. If anyone has cringy FF tales feel free to vent it out here.



    I hope someone played FFX-2 Massage minigame with LeBlanc at full volume with their parents and family home.


    Rob Lennon

    I’d nominate them reading an excerpt from Kanzen’s FFVII fan fic. Not to go into too much detail, but I believe it’s a shower scene with Cloud and Aerith(?). Cloud performs an act that I never heard of or seen anywhere before.

    I cringed, as I was listening at work (on earbuds). I thought Joe was gonna tap out right then and there. But, I’ll give Joe credit, he powered thru.



    Pretty much anytime ultros appears. He’s like team rocket in Pokemon and just won’t go away. Plus all his dialogue towards any female character is clearly perverted and has rapey undertones.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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