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Thoughts on Gamestop having exclusivity deals for FFXV?

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    I will start this off by saying that I miss the days of buying a game and its the same version in every story.
    Wanna buy FF7 at Walmart, Funcoland, Comp USA or anywhere else? No problem its the same game.

    Now we have exclusivity deals, Best Buy gets a version with special dlc if you preorder, Gamestop does too, Amazon and a bunch of other stores.

    For FFXV Gamestop managed to get exclusity deals for

    FFXV preorder at Gamestop you get the King’s Tale game for PS4/Xbox One if you preorder and its a canon story and they only way you get it is if you preorder.

    FFXV Ps4 Slim Bundle can only be bought at Gamestop its an exclusive console to only their stores.

    I dunno it just seems kinda wrong to me.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    Also add the fact that different stores will give you different preorder dlc.



    I personally hate this day and age of DLC everything. It is a little ridiculous. I remember playing games and completing tough challenges to get the awesome new weapon or armor.
    Now you just pay money and get it.
    It loses the achievement factor.
    I am not a fan of DLC but unfortunately I have bought DLC. Burial at Sea, all of the Fallout 4 DLC, things like that.

    It is just the way gaming seems to be heading unfortunately. Doing the canon story as a preorder exclusive only through Gamestop is kind of super BS to me.


    Jacob Wright

    I am strongly against “exclusive” rights to specific retail companies, This is a bad trend the industry is following. While in the past, it has mostly been “cosmetic” things that are exclusive, but an exclusive game, A King’s Tale (pending information about later release) is absurd. GameStop has already shown irresponsibility in such affairs with them Monopolizing Xenoblade Chronicles

    I like DLC as long as it is justified within the campaign length. Borderlands/Fallout 3 doesn’t cut content to release it later as dlc (20+hr campaigns). But shorter games it’s unjustified to have DLC.

    Back in my day you had to earn the Masamune & Wyrmhero Blade; if somebody can just buy it for $1.99 in a store, it really kills the drive to get things like Order Of Ambrosia Order



    Said “story” in the post and meant to say store lol.



    It sucks, not a fan of it. Buying two copies of the game from different retailers due to this -__- On the other hand, since I’m such a big fan of Final Fantasy and have been waiting for this game for so long, this is the exception where I’m not really bothered by throwing them a few extra bones and getting two copies. But really most of the stuff that’s stuff is missed out on because it’s exclusive dlc, it won’t kill you to live with out, so whatever. Except for King’s Tale.. which is the reason for 2 copies haha


    Skoll Hati

    Ehhh. It’s up to them who they sell exclusivity deals with, they could have been the only ones to give them good offers for all we know. But having so many different versions of getting the game is a bit rediculous



    These things are never permanently exclusive. Look at batman Arkham city for example, it had skin exclusives for certain stores but you got it all eventually with the season pass. I have no doubt that the kings tale game will be on psn store at most two months later. So it’s not really a big deal. The gaming industry is sadly one that relies on dlc to make money beyond the game release. My favorite example of the best dlc would be with witcher 3, its free dlcs and then massive 10 to 20 hour expansions is what I believe to be the best way to do dlc.



    The Call of Duty preorder dlc has still remained exclusive to this day for like all their games



    I’m not a fan but find it unsurprising. With the rise of Amazon.com, brick and mortar stores are going to look for ways to keep customers and Amazon is going to fight back. It’s competition which can only be good for us consumers in the long run. As Craig said, it never stays exclusive, so as long as you don’t mind waiting, you can get all the stuff if you really want it. The only exception to that are the gear bonuses they sometimes give and as Rose mentioned, it can be kind of cheap. I’m not a fan of that unless the gear is more aesthetic than functional. Giving pre-order players god-gear is lame but giving them a cool looking outfit or mount that has similar stats to in game content but looks cooler is fine IMHO.

    DLC is a whole other kettle of fish and has been used well and been a total rip off. I like how Bethesda handles it. They ship a complete and very long game with tons of content. The DLC is never vital to the game and it keeps the game fresh for a lot longer which gives Bethesda more time to work on their next project. They have become my favorite game makers over the last few years becasue of how well they handle their games. I always feel like I got a good deal out of a Bethesda game, but they also make the kind of games I love.

    Games that require DLC to be complete but charge people for the base game as if it were complete are ripping people off. I found the latest Hitman to be an interesting experiment in serialized gaming and while I ended up not really loving the game, I only paid $15 for the initial mission, which is acceptable to me. Even then, it was one compete mission, not part of a mission but a complete mission with multiple scenarios included for many play throughs. This seems reasonable.

    It will be very interesting to see how Square tackles the FFVII remake.


    Joseph DeGolyer

    Regardless of this, I ordered the game on Amazon. I can’t be regretting the past just cause of some thrown in DLC am I right????

    Oh…. Yeah, I guess I am a bit disappointed.



    I hate it. It seems like a total money grab, eventually everyone will be able to buy all of the “exclusive” content in one form or another, either as DLC or “greatest hits” editions released at a later date. It makes me miss cartridge based gaming. No patches, no nerfs, no DLC. The game is complete when it’s released and everyone gets to have the same gaming experience.

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