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The wrong way

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    After playing the FF games did you realise when you were a kid you basically played the game wrong?

    I know Joe plays them all wrong but my example is FF7.

    You guys kept saying the game was easy but disputes several play throughs in my youth I remember it being really hard. I was basically playing the game wrong. Everyone was my tank and healer. Everyone had well levelled cure/fire/hp plus etc but everyone was the same and I never paid attention to the stat changes when equipping materia.

    Have you had a similar exp when replaying any of the games?



    I don’t have a specific game example, but I almost never used “buff” or “debuff” spells and abilities as a kid. I didn’t understand the purpose behind things like “haste” and “slow,” especially for the earlier FF games.

    As I’ve gotten older, my play-throughs are much easier when I “buff” my characters and “debuff” the enemy.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    I probably played them wrong but I would always spend hours grinding anyways so games like FF7 and Tactics were easy.



    I never truly learned about the importance of buffing and debuffing until I got into the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series.

    I also rarely used any magic or summons, always feeling like I needed to save my MP. Even during boss fights.

    And, my ultimate shame, first time I beat FF7 and FF8 it was with a GameShark. Not because they were too hard, but instant OPness and infinite money was too enticing for young-me. I have beaten FF7 legit too, but I never played FF8 again.



    Every game I played up until i was like 12 was played wrong, including a butt ton of final fantasy games. X comes to mind though. I remember never knowing how to use the grid sphere and just being random AF with it.

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