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The spoilerlicious topic of 'The Last Jedi wasn't very good'

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    Getting in first because I’m a hipster and I see a lot of people praising this move a lot and I want to get in first to say otherwise before it gets cool.

    This movie is underwhelming as fuck, really boring first half (space battle included, is that guy a mary sue now or what?), both Finn and Rey’s storylines. (Finn’s in particualr, literally ends up being a massive waste of time).

    Does this movie count as character assassination for Luke? Because they kinda reveal that was going to murder Kylo Ren in his sleep. Let me repeat, Luke Skywalker was going to murder his nephew in cold blood because of some nonsense about the darkness within him (yet he was willing to forgive Darth Vader all of his trespasses). As if that wasn’t bad enough, after Rey leaves the island after a very disappointing level of interaction with Luke (who is also now hermit mode depressed and closed himself off from the very force he believed in) Yoda appears as a ghost and helps Luke burn down the past by casually summoning a lightning bolt on a structure, then they have a little talk. Is this going to happen again? I thought it was really stupid tbh.

    Luke has this non fight against Kylo at the end, because he’s astral projecting himself from another planet (which completely ruins an earlier scene where we believe he’s deflected hundreds of blaster bolts and shots from the walker mechs they have, and other vehicles).this buys time for Rey to return and save the rebels, then Luke gets tired and is kill, and that was the story of Luke after ROTJ, a failed mentor who tried to murder his own grandson, inadevertently pushing him to retaliate and kill all of his students then become fully entrenched in the darkside, so he lives his life as a regretful hermit in Ireland for most of his life.

    This movie is more Expanded Universe than most of the Expanded universe.

    Oh, there is one goodbit, when Kylo teams up with Rey after killing that utter let down of a character, snoke, they team up to fight his personal guard, shit was cash tbh.

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