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The RPG Backlog.

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    Rpg backlog
    Witcher 2
    Witcher 3
    Persona 2
    Persona 3
    Persona 4
    Dragon quest 2
    Dragon quest 7
    Dragon quest 8
    Final Fantasy 3
    Final Fantasy 6
    Final Fantasy 10
    Final Fantasy 13
    Final Fantasy 13-2
    Last Story
    Star Ocean til the end of time
    Dragon age origins
    Dragon age inquisition
    Dragon age 2
    Legend of legacy
    Fire emblem awakening
    Mass effect 2
    Mass effect 3
    Radiata stories
    Valkyrie profile
    Valkyrie profile 2
    Xeno saga
    Breath of fire 3
    breath of fire 4
    Banner saga 2
    Borderlands pre-sequel
    Borderlands 2
    Disgaea afternoon of darkness
    Disgaea 5
    Fairy fencer f
    Hyperdimension Neptunia
    Neptunia 2
    Neptunia 3
    Neptunia 7
    Rouge galaxy
    SAO: hollow fragment
    SAO: lost song
    Digital devil saga
    Ni no kuni
    Tales of graces f
    Kingdoms of amalur
    Tales of symphonia
    Tales of symphonia Dawn of the new world
    Tales of xillia
    Tales of xillia 2
    Dragons dogma
    La pucelle tactics
    Final Fantasy 2
    Chrono trigger
    Parasite eve
    Parasite eve 2
    Tales of hearts r
    Conception 2
    Wild arms
    Wild arms 2
    Tactics ogre
    Legend of mana
    Legend of dragoon
    Final Fantasy type 0

    There is my backlog I sti have about 10 more games on steam to add. I’m gonna try and take some of this down in the next year. Only to replace them with more purchases.



    Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Persona 3, 4, Fire Emblem Awakening and the FF games are musts.

    I don’t see Chrono Cross, Xenoblade Chronicles or Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (Or any other main series SMT games) if you haven’t played those you should check them out.



    Now that is a list. You’ll have a good time with Mass Effect, The Witcher. and Final Fantasy. I have not played most of whats on your list, but that’s probably because I spent all my single, child-less years playing Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Final Fantasy. Don’t ever grow up, kids. Don’t do it. Just don’t.



    These are only ones I have, but haven’t played through or really want to play again. There are more I would like to play but simply don’t have right now.



    It has almost been a whole month since this post. Have you crossed anything off this list yet?



    Other than parasite eve I don’t have others done yet. I am working on a few though.



    What are your thoughts of the Legend of Legaia series?



    Legend of legacy? Im not sure yet. I haven’t played too much of it, however I was impressed with the fact that the regular version came with an art book and a copy of the soundtrack. they got big points for that. something i wish would occur more often in the game industry.


    Jacob Wright

    most RPG’s don’t get that kind of love into Merch. good to see Tales series has been on point with those things.



    Witcher 3
    Persona 4

    Fixed, you have to be brutal/realistic and accept that you are will never play all of those, so just scrap em’. 😛

    Also, I love Xenogears but it’s definitely going to be theh ardest to get into, so feel free to scrap.



    Holy ballsacks. That is quite a list.



    It is quite a list. Alastor I’ll get to the ones I really wanna play. The other ones will take time haha.



    This post is seriously old, but I am just getting around to this podcast so forgive me. Did you play Breath of Fire 3 yet? That is a great game that I feel doesn’t get enough love.



    People, I have just as of last Tuesday found a way to fix everyone’s RPG backlog, here’s my list of what everyone should have as their backlog, so scrap the one you have and copy and paste this into a notepad file:

    Persona 5

    You’re fucking welcome.



    Not yet my dear fruff, but soon. Lol alastor that is also soon.

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