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The Problem with YouTube (A Puff Puff Hour Host's perspective)

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    Listening to the latest nude discussion on YouTube was pretty relevant to what we have been experiencing here on The Puff Puff Hour. We have been trying to branch out to YouTube, but we’ve encountered some problems. First, our episodes are so long that they have to be split into 20-25 minute videos, which can be annoying for listeners wanting the full review right away. Second, the YouTube algorithm does not favor niche shows (such as ours), so our numbers have been somewhat disappointing so far. Third and finally, the time that I put into editing the first part of our episode (ended up being 22 minutes) took 16 hours approximately. This includes researching and finding material that match our content, editing, and creating our own images via Photoshop.

    Unfortunately, the investment of time and effort has reaped very little in terms of audience growth and bringing in additional revenue for the network on YouTube. We haven’t put out too many videos yet (as it takes forever to do them and its just me working on it), so that may be the issue, but as of now YouTube has not been worth it for us. Its disappointing, because YouTube is a great platform and could potentially bring in a lot of new listeners to the shows and we like YouTube, but what we’ve put out has been buried under a tremendous amount of similar, related video game content.

    I just wanted to chime in and give you guys some perspective on some of the issues our show is facing and why a bigger show, such as nudeclan may struggle as well. Its very difficult to breakthrough on YouTube and it takes a lot of time to convert a podcast into something visual. If we had the funds and the numbers, we (at The Puff Puff Hour) would love to invest more time into that platform, but unfortunately at this time it doesn’t make sense for us to do so.

    This is what all of that work turned into: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKX-udoZvf4
    Its not the greatest production wise, but I worked hard on it to make it watchable. Hopefully you guys will check it out if you have the time. The intro alone should be pretty entertaining for you 🙂



    Good points but I have some questions.

    Why edit the episode? YouTube has full 1-2 hours podcast uploads from many gaming channels. Honestly you could just upload the same audio version from the podcast to YT and then just add some images and stuff in the background. mixed with Dragon Quest gameplay of the game you are reviewing and stuff. Don’t kill yourself editing too much I mean honestly you could have the same image on the screen for like 10-20 minutes or even an hour and it would be fine. I watched the video that was nicely edited though but I understand it was time consuming.
    If you are worried its too long I think maybe cutting in under 59 minutes and then doing a Part 2 that is also around 59 and so on. There are a bunch of apps and mobile devices that cant play YT videos that are over 59 minutes so you could get even more people watching your videos if you make sure to edit the parts under 59 minutes but then again just uploading the whole 3 hour podcast is fine too.

    Maybe try doing the Nudeclan thing and just filming you guys while talking and uploading that to YT instead o putting up images it would be less work.

    YouTube algorithm actually favors frequent and long uploads so if you upload a 3 hour video a week instead of a 20 minute one YT actually likes that more but they also like frequency so if you upload three 59 minute videos every other day instead of just one long video I’m not sure which would be better honestly since YT likes both length but also frequency in uploads.

    I checked the tags and they are pretty good. I recommend you put “Dragon Quest Review” and “Dragon Quest Podcast” “Dragon Warrior” tags too. Alway put the abbreviated name as a tag and then full name because people will search both.

    Next Dragon Quest has a lot of fans so you should post the link on Reddit.com/r/DragonQuest and maybe on some other forum sites where the fans from the games hang out.

    Also check out some other YT Dragon Quest related channels and reviews and maybe post a comment on those videos. Next time a new Dragon Quest XI trailer drops on YT be the first to comment and mention how you love dragon quest and cant wait to review it on the channel and get some likes from people in the comments that will then notice your channel and check it out.

    Don’t expect much growth the first year you really just have to be consistent. The magic happens in the 2nd-3rd year where you get like 1000 subscribers overnight just from a random 1 video.



    Thank you! @shinryu We have done one episode where we just used an image, but it has pretty low views so far. Jake did that one I mentioned, so maybe we need to have better tags on it. My main concern is that it is uninteresting to just listen to the episodes without regular image transitions or gameplay footage. I’m pretty sure our biggest problem is not putting out enough videos to gain some traction though.

    We are still trying to figure out Twitch, but once we do we will export those videos to YouTube as well. I have thought about just doing gameplay footage in the background, but we would have to get permission from someone playing the games to use their footage. None of us have recorded the gameplay of our own playthroughs.

    Honestly, the link to the video I edited was more of a test run if anything. Its a crazy amount of editing, so I probably won’t keep going after I release the other two parts. I’ll keep in mind the 1 hour limitation when editing our other videos. We are definitely looking at Dragon Quest forums as well. Thanks you for the great ideas!



    Hey brother, just commenting on this but my weekly Phoenix Edge RPG Podcast is on YouTube in video format and we also have our audio only version on I-Tunes etc…

    A little late to the party here, but I can empathize with the amount of time it takes to edit. We usually finish recording our podcast about 2 pm on Sunday, and between audio editing and video editing, it can take 3-4 hours because we use a fair amount of game footage, then factor in we gotta export it, which is a serious pain in the ass.. Not to mention upload it, photoshop a thumbnail for it, which takes longer than I’d care to admit sometimes… It takes the better part of my Sunday and sometimes an hour or so on Monday to handle.

    At the moment we have 87 subs since August last year, and while that doesn’t sound like a ton, it’s been blood, sweat and tears getting that many!

    Y’all are more than welcome to guest spot on our show if you want, I’m not sure how many of our 87 subs, or our audio-only listener ship will come your way but my co-host Eric is a GIGANTIC Dragon Quest fan.




    @Hat Yeah, the exporting has been a big pain for us too. Takes anywhere from 2-4 hours. Its been a lot of work with little pay off (so far), but I do enjoy doing it. I went ahead and subscribed to your channel. I’m really impressed with the quality. Very aesthetically pleasing. I’ll have to talk to the other guys on Puff Puff Hour to see what they think about a guest spot, but I think that would be a great help to us. Thank you!



    @D-Rom0826 Thanks for the compliment, it’ been a work in progress!

    I actually didn’t know you had a YouTube page before this posting, I must have missed that part in the podcast. But I subscribed there, and I’m sure your YouTube page will keep growing as DQ 11 gets closer to coming out. Especially with the Nude Clan and Ultima plugs.



    Yeah good stuff with that editing Phoenix Edge podcast.

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