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The Devil's Kitchen

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    Hello and welcome to my sinful blog of culinary delights!

    Within this decadent thread I will be sharing all of my creations in the kitchen. I know quite a few of you are heavy advocates of healthy diets and proper eating.

    But you can’t have a Ying with a Yang.

    So check in for my daily/weekly or whenever when I post my delectable delights.

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    Here we have something simple.
    The bone-in chicken was seasons with salt, black pepper, onion and garlic powder and then layed with a baked crumble.

    cooked for 20 minutes and then flipped and baked for another 20.

    The yellow rice was cooked by my partner.

    I also had a small bowl of sweet peas that didnt make the photo.




    As someone who consumes and loves food with an unparalleled passion, I look forward to following this thread. That looks awesome. How did it turn out?

    I love the grains. All of them. Wild rice, quinoa, cous-cous. They pair with basically any protein.



    It was very tender, the flavor was lacking a bit cause I didn’t let the seasoning set long enough. But the breaded crust was crunchy and had a bit of a kick from the fresh black pepper I threw in. Overall the chicken was really good.

    The yellow rice was also very delicious, I didn’t make it though. I like my yellow rice to be a Lil hard when I eat it as a side. I usualay end up with mushy rice when I cook it, so I let some else prepare it. Lol

    A very simple but enjoyable meal. Very common for my mother to cook this when I was growing up. Living in the south usually means lots of chicken either deep fried or oven baked.

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    I wish I could cook like my mother or sister. They are both pretty talented and inventive cooks. I can’t cook anything unless I’m following a recipe. And even then I can still mess up. I love eating, though. I will definitely follow this thread.

    That chicken looks really good.



    I learned alot from different members of my family and I’ve worked in quite a few kitchens in past few years. It’s currently hobby at the moment.

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    And this is why Branny is awesome


    Joseph DeGolyer

    How many carbs is that? Haha



    Slow Cooked Chinese Pork Shoulder

    My Dinner yesterday, cooked for 6 hours and served over home made vegetable fried rice:

    Slow Cooked Chinese Pork Shoulder

    Dark Soy Sauce
    Dark Brown Sugar
    Toasted Sesame Seed Oil
    Shitake Mushrooms
    Chinese Five Spice
    Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
    3 lbs Pork Shoulder




    Image not visible!

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