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The Definitive FF IV version

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    I’ve been playing through FF IV recently on the DS, so I wanted to get your thoughts on which version you thought was definitive. What I mean by definitive is the one that you think best represents the game and the one you would tell your friends to play.

    I know that Joe said the PSP version on the podcast, but I think the DS version is the one I would choose. It’s close, but I choose the DS for several reasons:

    1) Increased Difficulty
    2) Augment System
    3) Refreshing enemy mechanics
    4) Good translation with voice acting

    With the increased difficulty paired with the new augment system, the DS version provides far more gameplay depth than any prior version. The PSP version is faster and looks better (IMO), but it’s basically a rehash of all prior versions. As someone who has played every version of FFIV (and some many times), the DS version is reinvigorating my love for the game in a way that I didn’t expect.

    What are your thoughts? Am I way off base or do you agree?



    I prefer the GBA/PSP versions. The DS version just doesnt do it for me, graphically. I also found the DS version to be harder, but I also had an age gap between the DS and GBA version (GBA more recently). I did prefer the translation in the DS version, however.



    I have to say for me, the PSP version is hands down the best version. The DS version doesn’t cut it for me for two reasons. First, I prefer the 2D sprites over the 3D models. They look deformed, half hearted, and feel like someones senior project from Full Sail (OK, maybe that’s a little harsh). But the sprites have such a classic look and feel. Second, the voice acting completely takes me out of the game. Having first played the original SNES version several times I had my own idea of what each character sounded like. Listening to the voices now just becomes distracting. So I think the PSP version is the best representation of FFIV.



    I watched someone else streaming the DS version which I’ve never played before and it honestly stole the show for me. The art style is kinda awkward, but the script was 8000 times better in my opinion than the original and presented a story that was even more moving than the original to me. However, I can entirely respect people wanting to stay true to the original’s theme.

    The added challenge is always a plus also.



    I understand the argument for the PSP version. It’s a beefed up version of the original, which I love. I’ve played this game so many times that I don’t have to think about what I’m doing and I normally wreck everything in sight. This games doesn’t let you do that. Enemies have so many ways to kill you in the DS version that you have to think strategically. I’ve actually had to look up strategies to kill bosses I’ve killed hundreds of times.

    Sure the art is a bit clunky going to 3D, but that is a small price to pay for greatly increased game play and translation.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    I definitely agree with the PSP being the definitive edition. I can respect well done voice acting, and an increase of strategy, but I find that I respect the original game more so. That being said, I haven’t played through FF IV nearly as often as yourself, and can totally see why a change of pace would be appropriate. For a new player, I would plop the Complete Edition and a PSP in their hands, and let them go wild.

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