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    So I know Mr Bah gushes over Tactics but as this is the next set of games on the list, whats your thoughts/hopes for the series?

    I think (like me) Jo/Kaleb are tactic virgins so personally I’m excited to play the games along with guys. But I think I’m going to hate the battle system, love the story, and I’m very skeptical about a quest I’ve heard about with Cloud and Aerith. Overall I’m happy to play an FF I’ve never touched 🙂

    Also what was your decision behind the order you chose for the Tactics (and Vagrant story) games and what versions have you brought to play?




    I would urge you not to assume you will hate the battle system. I thought I would too, and I loved it!



    I just can’t get into strategy RPGs. I’ve tried Tactics, Tactics Advance, multiple Fire Emblems, and SMT Devil Survivor. I think those are all quality games I just lose interest because the battles don’t grab me.



    Based on how much you guys love the battle system in FFV, I feel you guys will freakin love the battle system of FFT.



    Its similar to FFV? I thought its was a ‘move your units on a field’ type deal which don’t normally appeal to me.


    Rob Lennon

    You are correct. I am referring to the job system. Without spoiling, I can say that FFT’s job system draws from FFV a lot.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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