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SuperSexy Swinging FanFiction Review

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    Brendan Johnson

    do you like FanFiction? do you like inceavable scenerios? literacy not your thing? Well this is the podcast for you, listen to 2 sexy blokes go blow for blow….*cough cough* reading Fanfiction outloud. These range from downight nasty, to random. It pumps out a episode WEEKLY, the hosts have good Rapport and it shows when discussing what is going on. Honest and Crude opinions, so beware. I like how it doesn’t sound uptight and professional. a very stoic approach, so mistakes aren’t a big deal, as they openly roast each other for mess ups. “Healing” is my favorite episode. So spread the “AIDS” and tell a friend about this show.

    Remember to enjoy the fap, and to keep it sexy.

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