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Superhero movies.

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    Going to go watch Wonder Woman soon.



    Also, all I can say is from what I can see, there’s no politics going on here, I don’t like it just because it’s about ‘girl powa’ so it’s only safe to assume that no one else is liking it to make a statement either.

    Also also, don’t go in expecting it to be better than the Avengers or GOTG or something then say ‘yeah this is definitely politics’ because it isn’t as good as those, I’d say it’s at about the level of Captain America (it’s obviously very similar) or Iron Man 1, and Iron Man 1 was better than IM 2 and 3 making Wonder Woman at least better than those 2 movies IMO.

    There are scenes where she stands up for herself and women’s rights (these are the scenes that make her likable), try not to be too outraged like those manbabies crying about that women only screening of the film.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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