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Summon Competition and Job Class Competition

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    Show suggestion idea: just as we have had a contest for hottest FF girl, I think it would be great to have more cross-game contests! For example:

    pick the best 2 summons from each game, then it’s death-match time for the ultimate summon! (you have to name the specific summon per game; for example, bahamut zero is different than neo-bahamut for FF7; Leviathan from FF6 is different than Leviathan from FF4).

    who is the best soldier class? By “soldier class,” I mean knight/dragoon/SOLDIER/whatever…i.e., let’s pit Squall vs. Cloud vs. Auron vs. Butz for the best. Same could be done for white mage, etc., but for fairness, the person has to be a CLEAR member of only that job class (Yuna is disqualified because she is a cross between two, and it’s not really a fair contest, for example).



    sounds fun!



    FF7 Knights of the Round and FFIV:The After Years Holy Dragoon Kain for the win!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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