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    Just finished watching Stranger Things, it’s a new Netflix original show.

    A total callback to the late 70’s and early 80’s sci-fi and horror genres. It’s set in 1982 and follows the events of a young boy going missing in a small Indiana town. Throw in shady government agents, monsters and kids with mind powers..you have Stranger things.

    Did I mention it’s a nerd show? It pays service to literally everything nerdy in the 80s. From dungeons and dragons, star wars, comics and all the horror movies popular at the time.

    It’s a fan service done Right! I can’t praise this show enough. It’s filmed like a movie, broken up into 8 episodes. It’s about 8 hours in total.

    If you haven’t watched it yet and you consider yourself a nerd, geek or just a fan of anything outside of the “norm”, do yourself a favor and watch it.

    Did I mention it has Winona Ryder in it? It has Winona Ryder.

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    The Winona sold me. I’mma have to check this out.



    Her acting was amazing. I’d have to say she’s never done a role like this before and she rocked it hard.



    I’m there with you @branny, it was really amazing.



    I know right?
    The first episode sold me and by the end I was a diehard fan.

    Season 2 please, kthx



    Season two is in the works. So is a soundtrack. It was a great series and was a fun watch.

    Was it the best series ever worthy of all the hype? …. eh. But I really did enjoy it, especially the darkness of the show. It reminded me of True Detective PG-13.



    I have mini soundtrack Playlist of the shows music. That opening theme is the thing of sci-fi dreams. It sounds like most of mass effects music. Lol

    I think the hype is worthy of the show. It’s better then anything on actual TV channels.



    Loved it and binged watched it like a week ago.
    Reminds me of Aliens, ET, Super8, Silent Hill and other similar movies.
    Hope we get a season 2.



    john carpenter, ridley scott, eat your heart out.

    It’s heavily influenced by all the things. It’s great.



    I watched it as well and loved it. A lot of people are talking about the ‘nostalgia’ thing with this and I have to disagree. This is not a nostalgic look at the 80’s (outside of the homage to movies of that time) this is what the 80’s looked like. This is a period piece and I love it for that. This is the 80’s I loved in, that nasty orange brown carpet, the velveteen upholstery, the dingy wood paneling, playing in an old dump/junk yard, this was it in all it’s tacky glory. The nostalgia is in the movie references and homages and Easter eggs all over the place, but not in the set or the look. This show made it look like what it was, which is partly nostalgic just becasue no one had a problem with kids going out to play outside for hours unless they didn’t come home.

    I really love it, the slow build, the predictable beats mixed with some up-ended tropes, the music was just amaze-balls and the acting was spot on.

    As for a second season, I am hesitant. I want to see more from these guys as I love their style, attention to detail and the angles their stories take. BUT I don’t want more of this story. I think it’s best left alone, as it is. I am okay with them picking up a couple threads as long as it doesn’t involve this whole group of people again. I would really love for them to just tell a whole different story, but I worry that might end up like True Detective, which had a rough second season. I guess we will find out, but I still feel this story is best left alone. It’s a piece of excellent art and adding more has the potential to destroy it.



    I saw this trailer awhile ago and was instantly sold. Watched the whole season within a week.

    As far as Season Two is concerned… the Duffer brothers already have script in mind but said they need to do the “Harry Potter” thing because the kids will be a little older due to production time. The good news is that they have the AWESOME idea to have someone make an 8-bit video game to account for the gap in time between Season One and Season Two.



    This show was great. I am been selling it as a cross between the Goonies and the X-files.

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