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Stories from Final Fantasy XIV

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    Just what it says in the title, a place to put some of the interesting stories that have happened to you while playing Final Fantasy XIV.

    So I’ll start off with an embarrassing story.

    It was my first time taking on the story mode Ravana fight. He’s the bug-like primal in Heavensward. So as the battle goes on, the fence around the ring begins to get destroyed, and if you fall off the platform it is permanent death. So I was DPSing Ravana, and he throws out an AOE on my location.

    I run back towards the camera to avoid the AOE and, due to the camera angle, I wasn’t aware that I was about three steps away from the edge of the ring. So the the rest of my party, it looked like my character decided that she was done with the fight and ran straight off the edge of the ring.

    Even worse, almost as soon as I stopped face-palming about the dumb move I’d just made another party member posted in the chat: “LOL I saw that.”



    that has happened to so many people.



    My Free Company house was invaded by Erotic Role Players and they started ERPing in our house.



    LOL wow. that sounds hilarious. you should see if they have a brothel on your server. they seem to be popping up more often now adays.



    Well, our FC tag was <ERP> and our house is called the ERP mansion, but none of us actually ERP it was just a funny ‘what should we use as our 3 letters’ thing. We then heard real ERPers talking in shoutchat, our MNK thought it would be an amazing idea to call them over where they saw our tag and house name then kinda’ invited themselves in and you see the Push Up emote? Yeah, there’s a ‘sit’ emote where you lean back with you legs open, so if you combine the two it looks like you’re giving a blowjob and they were doing that.

    To be fair, they were nice people lol, we haven’t actually seen them since but that was an interesting day for sure.

    Not sure I have any stories that are worth following that one with though, my MNK friend dc’ed once, but as you know your body still stays where it is until it disappears and you can re-log back in. Well my friend was in attack range of the boss so whilst he couldn’t use CDs becase he wasn’t there, his Monk was still auto attackingso he was technically dead but his body was so honed that it was fighting autonomously on reflexes alone, that was pretty rad.

    I don’t know if anyone here has done A11S but I once, in the final phase faced Cruise Chaser in such a way that he cleaved two towers at once, so people call me the ‘Lord of the Cleaves’ now.

    I once wiped a raid because I was thinking about Yuri weddings.

    Errr, scraping the barrel here, but before Heavensward even came out, everyone in Mor Dhona got out their Magitek Armors and I shouted in chat ‘To Whitebrim!’ (or whatever the nearest town was’ and there was a conga line of Magiteks all stomping like an invasion force through Coerthas. Same for when a circle of players on the Fat Chocobo mount formed an inner ring around the Aetheryte in Idyllshire surrounded by an outer ring of players on the Behemoth mounts.

    Fun game sometimes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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