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    Since we got the official announcement of the Sony e3 presentation (June 12th 6pm I think PST) do you think we will hear any kingdom hearts/ FF7 remake news during the whole of e3? Or will there just be the assumed FF15 dlc news?

    Any other FF surprises you think might happen?



    I’m hoping they announce the “leaked” FF 1-9 collection…



    I won’t put any money on news of KH3 or VII remake myself, and Tomb Raider and Deucy Ex are on hiatus, so I really don’t know what to expect at the SE booth this year, so really excited for any surprises.

    my safe predictions are XV dlc and maybe more XII remaster plugs, and one surprise drop that will be more exciting than Star Ocean, but less exciting than Nier was last year.

    also probably going to be some switch games announced from squeenix, maybe just some ports of old games, or a budget game from their RPG factory that I’ll try to talk myself into being excited about

    my personal unlikely hopes from SE are Nier remaster or XIII trilogy on ps4 for 2017



    I would say we’ll see an FFVII Remake trailer, there was supposed to be a new one/ new footage back in February for that event the Nomura presented at but they pulled it last minute. I would say that there will also be Stormblood trailers, FFXII:ZA gameplay/demo, FFXV: Episode: Prompto/ maybe announcement for added content like Regalia “off road” mode/ bestiary (i’m not sure if that was a rumor) and maybe a trailer for Episode:Ignis. Kingdom Hearts is a maybe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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