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Sound Feedback

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    Sound quality was certainly lower than usual. It was not something I couldn’t listen to though. If you decided to do this going forward, it wouldn’t bother me especially since you want the video stuff to be better. Just an honest opinion. Great show, as usual!



    He guys another great show as the usual and just popping in to give my thoughts on the audio. Wasn’t really something I personally would go for didn’t sound bad but not great. Had a very distant and tin can kinda sound and on the low side. I do a lot of my listening at work and the machine noise was drowning you out do to the lower level. I know that maybe just my work environment with all the machines and fork trucks driving around can make listening tough but usually I can hear you guys just fine, i don’t know if it was the microphones or if they just needed some fine tuning but I prefer the older audio myself.


    Cory Bonsack

    I don’t ever like to say anything negative about the show. You guys do a great job. But I did not like the audio quality this time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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