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Snes classic.

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    The snes classic has been announced and slotted for Christmas time. So bow that it’s coming what games do you wanna see on it? What do you think will make it?



    Strap in because here we go.

    1. Earthbound
    2. Mario RPG
    3. Super Mario world
    4. Mario kart
    5.chrono trigger
    6. Kirby’s dream course (Kirby golfing not golf game)
    8.lufia 2
    9.clayfighters 2
    11. Tmnt turtles in time
    12. Lemmings
    13.cannon fodder
    14.Street fighter 2 turbo(didn’t like it but understand it’s significance)
    15.Disney’s magical quest.
    16.NHL 94
    17.secret of mana
    18.illusion of Gaia
    19.legend of Zelda link to the last
    20.fzero racing
    21.super metroid

    In no specific order but clearly i like me some rpgs.Now there could be lots more awesome games but knowing Nintendo they don’t knock it outta the park 100% so you’d have to leave the last 8 for some shitty games like home improvement or Mario is missing.



    Oh shit and if Mario paint isn’t on there for the buzz buzz swatting game alone gtfo.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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