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Should the Xenosaga games count as sequels to Xenogears?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Yes, or no. Also, why?



    Yes, and the reason is Xenogears is Chapter 5, They were going to make more than 3 games but Monolith decided to no and finish it at 3, that is all i know, I just hope we get a PS4 remaster of them like with .Hack.



    I need to edit this ” Monolith decided to no and finish it at 3″ to they decided to finish the series at 3 games,



    Yes and no.

    There is an argument to be had that Xenogears is a standalone game since the team that made it and Square’s involvment are not with Xenosaga. That was made by only some people from the original team and it wasn’t published by Square because they own the Gears copyright and Bandai/Namco own the Saga copyright.

    And Nintendo owns the Blade for Xenoblade copyright lol

    But yes Xenosaga are sequels/prequels to Xenogears and have the same turn based combat which the Xenoblade series does not have so they are directly connected.

    Good PS2 JRPGs probably my faves along with a few others.



    Lol, looooong cutscenes ahead.

    Sure, why not. They are fun, thematically similar, and made by some of the same people. If Chrono Cross counts as a sequel to Trigger. Xenosaga counts as a part of Xenogears ( just a different company).



    I’d say no. Square owns the rights to the Xenogears IP and was not involved in the Xenosaga or Xenoblade games. Different games made by a different studio with a different publisher, I don’t think the common themes or battle systems is enough to say they’re sequels. I’d say “spiritual sequel” at best.



    Yes, I would say the Xenosaga games are based in the same universe as Xenogears and are sequels in everyway other than the fact that Square ownes Xenogears and not Xenosaga. The Xenoblade series are not sequels in anyway.

    However, Xenosaga shouldn’t be played for the show as they have nothing to do with Final Fantasy. To be honest, the link between FF series and Xenogears is tenuous as is, going to Xenosaga is just too much. While it’s my favourite RPG of all time, I don’t even think Xenogears should be played as a “FF” game.

    Good games for Nude Clan tho. Forced entry anyone?



    Also chronologically, the Xenosaga games are actually prequels to Xenogears.



    Yes my reason? I just love the show and the longer it goes on the better.


    Felicia Nomiko

    No, I think we should stick to actual FF games with the name Final Fantasy in them or direct spin offs. To me Kingdom Hearts is a bit of a stretch, but I’ll accept it, becasue there are so many FF characters in those games. However, if one wants to play Xenosaga to extend the show until FF16 comes out, and/or to compare/contrast another JRPG with FF, then I think that’s a reasonable reason to do so. But we already have Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger and Bravely Default on the list to compare/contrast, so Xenosaga isn’t really needed. Either choice you make is fine by me, but don’t burn yourselves out doing this either.



    Just finished reading the Wiki and it’s an interesting topic.

    Given the games are ‘Tagged’ with Xeno to show its Tetsuya Takahashi’s game, very much in the same way Final Fantasy is the Goochies baby. Final Fantasy games are not connected (ignore the stupid 7/10 thing, and Gilgamesh fan theory’s) but are only connected by common theams and repeated characters/monsters. Xeno seems to have the same type of connection between the games. So in my mind it would be a yes given the nature of the podcast. Also as Seventhcircle points out it fits with your decision to play chrono cross.

    However (to play devils advocate) given its a ‘Final Fantasy Podcast’ at its heart, I would aregue against playing the ‘Almost was’ games. Chrono trigger was not a FF game and square decided it was not good enough to give it the flagship FF title. The fact it’s an amazing game is besides the point, as it’s simply is not a Final Fantasy game. The chocobo games however are clearly based on FF meterial so should be on the list as it fits with the same logic your going to the play Kingdom Hearts series as it heavily pulls form the FF IP.

    But as a fan of FF and UFF (nude and RIP SSSFF) I want you to play all these games and to me it comes down to your decision. if you decide you’re going to play the ‘Almost was’ FF games like chrono then you would have to play the whole Xeno series as the games have the same connections between the games as the FF games do.

    In short ‘Gotta play them all to be the best mother uffers’ 🙂

    Yes play all the Xeno games!



    Just curious, to the people that said yes to Xenosaga and no to Xenoblade, what’s the logic there? I know the battle system is way different but surely that’s not the main factor in deciding if games are in a series or separate. I feel like, other than that, all arguments for Xenosaga also apply to Xenoblade.


    Shouri Elemente

    I would LOVE to see Joe struggle through the Xenoblade games, but i dont think for those, theyre close enough. Xenosaga 1-3 are sequels…? to Xenogears, so those should probably be in.



    I’m not sure when you all record (Saturday or Sunday) but this might be too late.

    Anyways, the creator of Xenogears, Tetsuya Takahashi left Square and founded Monolith Soft in 1999 after Square would not let him finish his grand plan for Xenogears which was supposed to be a six-part series. We all know this was originally supposed to be Final Fantasy VII.

    After forming Monolith Soft, he decided to do a new series called Xenosaga, which uses some of the same lore from the original game, and the same battle system and has very subtle gestures to the original game, but it’s not a sequel to Xenogears.

    With that said, Chrono Trigger was originally supposed to be a Final Fantasy game, and I believe Final Fantasy 9 does have some hidden references to that game. However, Chrono Cross has very little if anything to do with Chrono Trigger. So, for this reason, I propose that you remove Chrono Cross and Xenosaga from your playlist and just play Chrono Trigger and Xenogears.

    There are currently 6 Xeno-games, and a 7th is about to come out. If you all are interested in that series, I’d start another podcast for that universe.



    Other than the Xenogears reference in Mideel in FFVII, I don’t see much of a connection.

    “A billion mirror fragments…… small…… light……
    taken…… angel’s…… singing voices………… zeno…… gias……”

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