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Should the Final Fantasy series continue with Action RPG's?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Or should they return to their turn based roots?


    Raistlin Mustaine

    I’m enjoying FF15 but my heart is in turn based.



    What do you class XIII’s as? I think that’s the best battle system in the series by far (besides XIV) but it’s not really turn based but when I think ‘action RPG I don’t think XIII either.

    Either way, if they want to do a game like this again, I would like more depth, it feels very much like a poor man’s Kingdom Hearts 2 imo, holding a button to auto-dodge is lame as hell.

    Then again, if we go back to turn based, what do we mean? Because 7/8/9’s combat is pretty awful, but Tactics’ was amazing, and outside of Final Fantasy games likes Legend of Dragoon were turn based and had strict skill based combat.

    To answer the question, I think turn based has the most potential for strategy and depth and without a gambits baed system is the only way to have party AI that isn’t a steaming pile so I will say turn based.



    No one action based game every once in a while is fine to mix it up but I think the series should stick to turn based. I really hope FF16 is more traditional with a turn based battle system again. Ito’s team will not let us down! Hopefully he makes another FF6, FF9 style game its been a while since we had an Ito FF game.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    Alastor, I agree with you when it comes to FFT and Legend of the Dragon. Both were my childhood favorites.



    If you have shit reflexes, you will deal shit damage and take way more, it really shows how lacking the PS1 FF games are in terms of combat,


    Raistlin Mustaine

    Gust of wind dance ftw



    I think the series should continue to evolve its battle system as long as SE learns from its past. For the most part I feel that the battle systems have progressed through the series to keep up with hardware of the time. A true turn based battle system wouldn’t feel right for a main line FF game because it would be a step back. Not saying that turn based games are no longer fun or shouldn’t continue to be made, but the main FF series should utilize the current systems to give a modern style of game play. Hopefully SE looks at what has been successful and what hasn’t and gives us something new each time because if I wanted to play the same game again I will, I have no problem dusting off the classics, I just don’t want to have to pay $60 to do it again.



    I don’t mind either really. To be critical about this for the most part the RPG battle elements in main FF series with the exception of the a few dungeons bosses/ super bosses, the first chunk of X, XII’s gambit system have been pretty shallow. Majority of the casts end up becoming uniform by the middle part of the playthroughs and any character can easily one shot any average enemies. So I don’t see the big difference in transitioning to a ARPG if the complaint is “there isn’t strategies in ARPGs”. Maybe you are just holding on to nostalgia and that you find having a group of characters take turns in assaulting a person/a wild animal/demon aesthetically pleasing. Yet, I do think FFXV is a bad example of what a main title FF ARPG can look like just because your only in control of Noctis. I think to make a sound judgement whether or not this should happen is when the first part of FFVII Remake is released. Nomura has hinted that there will be a significant difference on how the characters will play/ how they will be utilized using Barrett and Cloud’s gameplay as an example.



    I say this time and time again but the Gambits sysem SOLVED Party AI and it should be a standard in some form for any fucking ARPG with non controllable party AI.

    I fucking hate the party in XV, they are dogshit in moments where it actually counts but in XII if your party is stupid you just messed up the gambits, granted I’m a bitm ixed on whether playing as a party member should auto-disable their gambits or not but whatever.



    I think they should progress more with the action based combat they have done so much with atb n turned based it’s time for new fresh battle systems n with action they could make the game more fluid as we seen with 15. Action based is the future for square every ff game from now on will be action based ppl can remember the past (turn based) but this new generation of gamer wants the game to keep there attention n action is the way to go so I say this about the world it goes the same with wat square is about to be doin with ff either progress with it or get left behind



    I think JRPG devs should be careful about emulating action game combat when people can just play superior action games though, it’s why Nier:Automata’s combat works, it was designed by Platinum themselves and whilst it’s not their absolute best, it’s still fluid and fast and the awesome plug-in chip system lets you customize how you fight.

    Something like XIII’s combat to my knowledge is pretty unique amongst the genre? It’s also not really turn based whilst still managing to be different.



    I would have to say it should not return back to the old turn based system. A lot of fans may take that as a bad thing but hear me out on this one. On a business stand point the company would not be growing to include more people if it didn’t innovate on what it has done in the past. If they stuck to the original and new grew, the series would surely die out. Now I really liked 15’s battle system but I always felt it was missing something. I think it is missing that level system where the play learn abilities and earns amazing style limit breaks. If Square can bring back those elements while it goes forward I believe it would work great. Square has to really reflect on this series and do its fans justice and make it appealing to the new batch of fans.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    15 is fun but very lacking. I don’t see much replay value once I’m done. No memorable story, no fun magic or points system. No secret characters or anything that makes us always want to go back.



    Square has made an ever evolving series so I say it almost doesn’t matter what they do as long as they continue to explore new battle systems.

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