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Should Remasters be considered for the Uber game?

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    We can’t make up our minds…



    I absolutely think so to a point. If the gameplay has additions like new job class system. New quests or new areas then yes. If it’s really just a remastered with only updated graphics then no. There is really no point unless there are new things in the game.


    Skoll Hati

    Nope! If someone said they played FFX remaster but not the original version you would never say “well then you haven’t played FFX” because they’re essentially the same game. Same with every remaster I’ve ever played. Some have slight differences but it’s still the same game. After Schweiss plays Zodiac Age is he really gonna distinguish which version he refers to when talking about FF12 in general? No because they’re basically the same, he’ll only distinguish when it’s about differences he notices.


    Victor Groner

    You could always play the game in Japanese to add another element to the game you haven’t experienced yet.



    I think as a general rule they should be allowed, but maybe only if none of you have ever beaten the base game before? That way we avoid situations like FFXII, where if it wins we’re hearing 3 people review the game who have essentially already reviewed it on another podcast before.

    There are plenty of big 2017 games to put up if you’re willing to go back to the first part of the year. RE7, Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, Zelda, Nioh, Nier Automata, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Mass Effect Andromeda, Injustice 2, Tekken 7, etc. Plus if you can wait until August there’s a new Uncharted, Sonic Mania, Agents of Mayhem, Yakuza Kiwami… I know this wasn’t meant to be a game suggestion thread but there ya go.



    I guess I could go either way. But you guys should save it for a two person review. Only because many listeners would like you to review a legitimate new game.



    FFX HD level remasters, no

    FFXII HD/KH2 HD remasters, arguably yes in my opinion, KH2 adds a TON of new content as TZA seems to.

    FF7R, I dunno how you can say no to this, it’s practically a different game. It’s like saying Resident Evil Remake on Gamecube was the same game as the PS1 game, it’s not. It remains to be seen of course, but I can’t see how the generation gap of consoles alone won’t make FF7 change almost everything.


    Cory Bonsack

    My main argument to this is if the game was nominated for a normal review, would you be allowed to play the original version? You guys normally allow any version of the game to be played; therefore I think the game should not count as a “new” uber game.



    ^ That brings up another question. If Schweiss were to go back and beat regular FFXII AND the HD version, would he be able to count it twice for the hog? Probably not. And you could argue if it doesn’t count as a new game for the hog, it shouldn’t for reviews either.



    Yes! But I kinda don’t want you to have FF12 as the uber game since there are other awesome 2017 games released that are completely new that should be the uber game for the show like Yakuza 0, Nier Automata and stuff.

    Then again not sure if Cameron ever played or beat the game so it would be new for at least one person on the show.

    I’d say yes ports and remasters should be allowed on Nudeclan only if at least 1 or 2 of the hosts have not played the original in any form.

    Still maybe have it as a sidegame for like Cameron and Schweiss or something and maybe choose the uber game to be something else.



    You should definitely be able to cover remakes, remasters, ports, etc. You should not cover games that have already been covered on the network (ex: Final Fantasy XII).

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