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    Hey guys,

    I’m a long time fan of UFF and Nude Clan. For all intents and purposes, I’ve been team Schweiss for the duration of both shows, but I have a problem with a small anecdote that was made on an episode of UFF from a couple months ago. I’m catching back up on the shows after a short hiatus to listen to some more podcasts so I apologize if this is old news. I’m asking this question here because I want the other hosts opinions as well.

    In the episode ‘Sapiens and Schweisses’, the king of the north talks about how a lot of our problems as people are ideas and beliefs, not actual constructs we have to abide by. I agree with a lot of what he and Joe say on the matter, but somewhere deep into the episode, Schweiss takes the hardest left turn I’ve ever heard. Essentially claiming that Chester Bennington didn’t commit suicide, but just loved having something around his neck when he jerks off.

    Kaleb said that he listened to Dr Drew on a podcast talking about the singer, Chester Bennington, actually being into autoerrotic asphyxiation rather than being a depressed person. This is ridiculous. Even goes as far as to say Chester had ‘no signs of depression’, Dr Drew is a Doctor and we should listen to him more than other people, and that the zeitgeist is making everyone think it was suicide. Dude.

    I searched for and found the podcast Dr Drew was talking about all of this on. I’m not a Dr Drew fan, nor do I like him, but you completely misquoted him and spread a dumpster fire for no reason. The guy never said Chester had no signs of depression. That’s heavily obvious to everyone who heard him sing. He also talks about his early childhood abuse, drug abuse, and Chester himself did a couple of interviews before he died about his mental health. What the fuck are you talking about? On a podcast where you’re trying to explain why people shouldn’t believe bullshit (and did a good job for 98% of it) you pushed out the stinkiest turd I’ve ever smelled.

    I URGE you to relisten to Dr Drews words that YOU QUOTED and rethink what you said. It was ridiculous. Anyways I am a fan of you guys and will remain that way regardless, but someone had to point this out. Take it easy fellas.



    Joseph DeGolyer

    Schweiss initially got that info from me, if it’s not factual, it’s my fault. Lol.

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