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Ruby Weapon vs. Godzilla

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    Joseph DeGolyer

    Who would win in a fight?



    Ruby Weapon, because of my unwaivering bias.



    Godzilla > Emerald weapon > Ruby Weapon



    Depends on if Godzilla has his plot armor of ultimate protection or not. If not, ruby weapon, if he does, not even commander shepherd could hope for a victory!



    I did some research.



    So if we are looking at this in an RPG stand point we are going to have to guess how much HP Godzilla has. Let’s pretend that with every year more HP is accumulated. Godzilla logically would have been be born 150 million years ago based on that article. Ruby was created 2000 and has a HP of 80,000. So 80,000/ 2000= 400 HP growth per year. Gozilla’s HP then would be around 60,000,000,000.

    Godzilla- Claw, Tail, Ram, Bite, Breath.

    Ruby- Whirlsand, Ruby Flame, Ultima, Ruby Ray, Shadow Flare, Big Claw, Big Swing, Comet2
    Tentacles- Whirlsand, Ruby Flame, Ultima, Ruby Ray, Shadow Flare, Right Revenge, Right Thrust, Left Revenge, Left Thrust

    Ruby- Absorbs all elemental attacks, can be stunned, Ruby Ray causes confusion.Has extremely high defense.

    -With the amount of HP that Godzilla has it would take an extremely long time to kill it. That being said if Godzilla can be confused to could make things go quicker.

    I’m going to say Godzilla would probably win.



    @stolas I like your way of thinking, breaking down the HP like that. Godzilla for sure. But with Ruby’s piddly 800K HP, would it be a better idea to pit Godzilla against the likes of Yiazmat just to somewhat level the playing field as far as HP goes.

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