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Review and thoughts on a future DQIX podcast

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    I’m hooked on this podcast. I give it two puffs up!

    I have to admit that at first I didn’t quite get it as I wanted the discussion to include an old school voice, a long-time fan of the series, but with three fresh perspectives this podcast really shows the potential for what new fans to the series will experience. And new fans are crucial to growing the fanbase and getting more DQ released outside of Japan. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!

    Okay, now I’m going to nerd out about DQIX, because I was thinking about your future DQIX podcast and wanted to offer a few (or more than a few) thoughts.

    Once you get through the first two hours or so of DQIX you can unlock local multiplayer and try playing through most of the story together, using one game as the host. The local multiplayer is ideal for fans who live in or near cities, who can easily cluster together, but anyone without access to other DQ fans tend to miss out on enjoying the local multiplayer.

    There is “DLC” content that is actually present on the game cart, but it’s locked. It requires a server ping to Nintendo that they dropped support on about 3-4 years after the game’s NA release, sometime around Spring 2013. To access this content today you would need a cheat device like an NDS Adaptor and the DQIX Save Editor, Action Replay, or some other means to download and edit your save file. Most methods are either buggy or a total pain to connect the device.

    The content that DQIX players most often miss out on (besides not having other DQ fans in your general area to try the Multiplayer) is 1) exclusive access to legacy “special guests” at the Quester’s Rest Inn (Prince of Cannock, Alena, Bianca, Carver, Maribel etc., each giving you a different piece of custom armor for cosplay), 2) access to the downloadable DQVC shop with rotating items for sale that changed weekly, 3) DQVC shop exclusives that were only available with access to the server that is no longer supported, and 4) access to 63 extra side quests. Some of the extra quests required you to have all the special guests and have tagged 30 unique players into your Quester’s Rest inn so it required you to connect with a significant amount of other players, which is obviously difficult in the west. This is one of those things that was far easier to utilize in Japan than anywhere else.

    With a complete lack of support, the game is a pain point for completionists, but the loss of the content is not game-breaking, just annoying. Conceptually the content is all there on the game cart. The Nintendo server was only unlocking content that is otherwise available on the cart. So they basically built a work-around with a limited life-span for accessing extra content on the cart.

    There were a series of “special” grotto maps where you might find all Metal King Slimes or all Gem Slimes on a specific floor. It was a side effect of the way they developed the monster encoutner table to work with the DS. Generating one of these maps was very unlikely, but they were heavily shared sometime after the game’s release in Japan and were well known and circulated by the time the game released in the US. This made level and gold grinding much easier. The difficulty spike of the legacy boss fights actually encourages players to level to 99 and the process of revocating back down to level 1 and starting over had an effect on how high a map level you could generate after beating a grotto.

    Many gamers who aren’t familiar with Dragon Quest might not realize this, but the success of the Canvasse mode feature found in DQIX (or the ability to connect with other players and swap characters and grotto maps in your Quester’s Rest inn) was cited by Nintendo producer Hideki Konno as an influence on their decision to add StreetPass functionality to the 3DS.

    I do encourage you to try the local multiplayer at some point and if your levels are above 60 give some of the legacy bosses a try. There are some DQIX players I play with in NYC and there’s also a group in Boston that still get together on occasion to connect for legacy boss battles–even 10 years past the release date–the local multiplayer is excellent.



    Fortune smiles upon thee. I thought of even more DQIX crap to write about!

    DLC-locked Quests do transfer from one game to another if you connect in multiplayer (via Pavo’s Rapportal) to a host who has the DLC content unlocked. After you return to your world you get a message on screen stating you brought back quests to your world. Special guests transfer this way as well. DQVC content does not, unfortunately, but you can enter another player’s world and “raid” their DQVC shop. Have the host reset the game after you’re done to replenish the purchased DQVC items, indefinitely.

    Also, to help with the grind on your first play-through add skill points to your class-based skills (Courage, Faith, Spellcraft, etc.) as they give you stat boosts that your character will carry with them as they class change.

    Okay, now I’m done…unless I think of more…

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