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Redeemable Characters

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    Who are some of your favorite characters, weather they’re an adversary or protagonist, who basically did a 180′ in their lives and have redeemed themselves in our, the player’s, eyes?

    A few that come to mind are: Gabranth (duh!lol) going from assassin to protector, Kain and Golbez who were mentally enslaved and then broke free, Lightning a soldier who went from target to target and not caring to actually caring. Those were just a few that came to mind.



    Tough question..

    I’ll go with Vivi.
    He starts off very shy and timid, but comes to terms with his existence and what it means to be alive. He stands up to those that would treat him as a mindless puppet and helps the other Black Mages realize that living a happy short life is better then living as slaves.



    I have to follow that awesome Vivi submission? Dang…

    I think that finding out his origins really messed Zidane up and he certainly rose to Hero status.

    Terra Branford. She starts the story as a pawn soldier and ends up an esper. Well then.




    He starts the game as someone who just let’s things happen and at the end of the game he has grown into a leader who makes things happen.

    All the whining aside, of course.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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