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Question from a new listener

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    (You can save this question for a time when you don’t have any questions and need questions.)

    Hey guys, been listening to your show for about 4 months now, mostly going through all the old archives and listening to the older episodes. Its funny because I’ll listen to an old episode and one of you will say something that makes me want to respond…but since its like a year old then anything I say to you will probably be completely lost in context.

    But anyways, my real question…do you have a list somewhere of all the games you’ve played so far in the FF universe, and which ones you have still yet to play? Kind of like a big checklist? How are you deciding which games to play next?

    Thanks for the show, I really love it.



    Yeah they have a checklist on this site.



    Where at? I couldn’t find it.



    It’s on the main UFF page, in a section called “The List.” It’s either at the bottom right side of the page (PC) or below the episodes posted on the first page (mobile). They’ve crossed out every game they’ve played so far. It hasn’t been updated in a couple months I guess because it doesn’t include Tactics Advance or A2.




    Oh sweet, never even noticed that.

    So, uh, whoa? Xenogears? Legend of Mana? So basically Joe and Kaleb are never going to be done. I mean, if you do Xenogears you might as well do Xenosaga 1, 2, and 3. Then hell just do Legend of Dragoon too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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