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Playing VIII after 15-ish years, and FF nostalgia

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    Jenova Nox Fleuret

    Basically, I bought VIII and a few other FFs I was missing so I could eventually just play them all in order to put off getting XII: Zodiac Age, but I really wanted to finally beat VIII. I first played it circa 2001 after borrowing it from a friend after finishing VII, but the day I got to the end of disc 2 someone broke into my house and stole my PS2 and all my games including VIII! It took this long to find a copy again at a decent price and yet again I’m playing it after VII.
    It’s so weird how much I remember and what I look forward to as an adult compared to what I latched on to as a sixth grader because even now I still don’t really care about Squall even if I remember what his deal is lmao. I went in blind and I can’t quite remember if I tried to grind but I know Diablos beat my ass every time but I found the fight underwhelming when I did it in this play through the minute I got it. I’m trying to remember not to grind but it’s /really/ hard ;3;

    So are there any games you never got to beat when you were young that you picked up as an adult? What changed in your experience?



    Yea, FFX. I started playing it when it came out. I was 18, so not really a ‘kid’ but close enough. I did not love it at the time. Really enjoyed the battle system, but not really any of the characters. Sometimes, when you are young you rush through the story. I played it and beat it maybe 2 years ago? Year and a half maybe. I really got to focus on the story and it really cemented itself as one of my favorite FF games. Granted, I haven’t played every one like Joe and Kaleb have, but I have played a decent amount.



    Funny I kinda feel like VIII is “my game” – I identified with Squall more than many, and also liked most of the music which has been bashed on the podcast. I remember buying my PS1 and that game new when I had my first job, other friends playing through it as well, but I NEVER beat it for various reasons. I was very far and had a corrupted memory card, did a restart but couldn’t get as into it, picked it up again a few years later when I was recovering from surgery, but didn’t make it quite all the way through. Finally dusted it off again LAST YEAR after my PS2 had been in a box with the old games, and sat down to beat it over the course of a few nights. Which was weird because I was in Esthar and had no idea what to do or where to go, had to use a guide to refresh my memory. Anyway, it’s possible I enjoyed the story/ending more as an adult. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, reading into the R=U theory, etc. And the Gunblade is sweet!

    IV was the first one I loved and I’ve replayed the various versions many times. Again I think it’s possible I enjoyed it more as an adult. The problem is finding those blocks of time with adult responsibilities and kids!



    The closest one for me would probably be FF tactics. I only watched my cousin play it when I was little and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep as he was explaining all the job classes… picked it up much later around my late teens (which in retrospect is still kind of a kid) as the WotL version. I played it through for completionist sake, but I wasn’t terribly invested in it. I was already quite accustomed to fire emblem games as far as tactical RPGs, and some of the levels where you basically could not win (those two assassin ladies; the 1v1 fight with the Zodiac after that) were very offputting to me. And any character you created had no story whatsoever and would become useless as the story characters came along. I think I mainly played it because it is always talked about like Chrono Trigger as incredible, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

    And n8 I had a similar story as you where I stopped VIII in Esthar (specifically at the Adel fight because I was a kid and couldn’t properly junction). Then picked it up maybe 3 years later, except I started from scratch and I loved it. Also identified a lot with Squall being a mid teen at the time. Good times

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