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Place your bets? Calling it now. FF12 HD will feature FF7 Remake Demo

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    There I said it. Do you want to place your bets? Yay or nay?

    Reason I think this will happen. FF12 so far is the only big main FF game announced for 2017. Unless that rumored 30th anniversary collection or Dissidia comes to PS4 this year.

    They have shown off more and more screens of the opening area bombing mission to Final Fantasy VII. What if they already completed the Mako Reactor Bombing mission? What if they release it as a demo just like it was originally released as an FF7 PS1 demo back in the day?

    I can really see it happening they let you start when you get off the train and it ends when you beat the Scorpion boss.

    Will you consider buying FF12 for the Ff7 Remake demo?



    Btw forgot to add that I think they will announce this at E3 this year.



    I don’t think it’s in any fit state tbh, or we’d probably havel oadsm ore footage, but it would be nice of course.



    If they do have a demo for FFVII, I think it will be a stand alone that will be added to PSN. For whatever reason I can’t really imagine Square pairing FFXII:ZA with a FFVII demo. I think it’s just because how different the games are. If it does happen or if we get a demo this year they’ll announce it at E3.



    I’m buying Zodiac anyways because I’ve been waiting forever to replay 12 with trophies. It would be a cool addition but I think I agree with the others, I don’t think it’s ready yet. But who knows they might surprise us.

    Part of me kind of hopes that they are much further along than it seems and they are just trying to keep it under wraps to surprise us with a release way earlier than we expect (like maybe March/April 2018) but to be honest that is just wishful thinking.



    I am with @SilverShades on this one and my copy was actually paid in full before the release date was even announced. A VII Remake demo would be awesome but I would rather have some cool stuff in the collectors edition, and not saying what is in this one isn’t. I almost thought switching to the collectors edition but as cool as the judge magisters busts are, I am not certain they and other goodies are worth the extra $150 to me. The Kai-Arts figures would be cool but which character would I want, Balthier, Fran, Basch? And which ever one it came with I would then want to get some of the others to go along with it…. So kind of glad it doesn’t have one like FFXV had. Maybe some of the legendary weapons models, zodiac spear, tournesol, fomalhaut. Something with those may have gotten me to drop the extra cash.



    I wouldn’t mind it. I spent the 208.38 the day the collectors edition was announced and id be fine with getting a little more for my money…but uh…nothing left to bet with. lol XD

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