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Parasite Eve Ending

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    Jacob Wright

    to explain the Parasite Eve ending (my thoughts)

    Everyone has mitochondria. Therefore, anyone with the powers of Eve would be able to control other people as Melissa did. Aya and Maya had the powers dormant. When Melissa and Aya got a transplant from Maya, it transferred some of the Eve mitochondria to her. So everything Melissa was doing, Aya could have done if her powers were fully awakened.

    In the ending scene, Aya’s powers are awakened, and she takes control of everyone in the theater. In the normal ending, all of their eyes are red (Melissa’s eye color), indicating that the “evil” Mitocondria took over everyone. In the cannon ending, everyone’s eyes are blue (Aya’s eye color) , indicating that Aya is in control and presumably protecting their mitochondria from being taken over.



    Isn’t the ending completely rendered non-canon by PE2? I don’t remember Aya ever exerting that kind of power in thatg ame.


    Jacob Wright

    yeah, whatever ending you get is completely irrelevant because of PE 2.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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