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Overlooked info on FF7 1st class edition

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    Overlooked information on why the FF7 1st class edition isn’t worth the high price tag.

    I’m a collector’s edition slut. I literally collect collectors editions. I’ve have a decent sized collection that I’ve spent thousands on. I have never bought collectors editions and scalped them. I haven’t even sold any of my collectors editions. I’ve seen some amazing collectors editions and some shit ones.

    I don’t really consider this a “real” collectors edition. Even on Square Enix website they describe this as a soft bundle and I have past experience with their soft bundles. Here is a footnote online that Square Enix put in the item description.

    * Please note, this is a soft bundle.  The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Deluxe Edition contents are bundled separately from the Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona

    Here is my previous shit show experience with their soft bundles. I bought the kingdom hearts 3 collectors edition when it was released. They literally sent me the deluxe edition in one package and the figures in another. Square Enix states their soft bundles are in separate packaging. You don’t get a single nice box like the FF15 collectors editions.

    When I got the kingdom hearts figures the quality was not worth the price tag. The figures were fairly small and the details were just ok. I decided to return it. Let me put this into perspective. I have NEVER returned a collection edition. Not even the ones I didn’t care for.

    Here is my story on trying to return the items. You have a limited time to return these collectors editions even if the packages are unopened. I literally spent that entire return window to reach someone.

    I had to contact Square Enix just to request a return. I sent the request and got an email asking for photos of the damaged product. The person didn’t even read my email. After 2 days of no response back I emailed again and got the same shit request for the photos. It was the same person too.

    I literally called the corporate number to speak to someone but I couldn’t reach customer service. I literally called their IT department so I could speak to a human. They couldn’t help me reach the right department and told me to email again. I couldn’t reach them. I literally Facebook messaged a company that does outsourced work for their online store. I demanded to speak to anyone at corporate even if it was a fucking janitor. I was just about out of time to submit a refund request.

    I literally told this company if my refund got denied due to the time period I would go through my bank for a charge back. I would then set the game and figures on fire just so no one can have it. I would collect the ashes and send them to their corporate office via certified mail. Finally I would post this entire story on everyone of their social media accounts every fucking day until the day I died. Needless to say someone called me that day. The cherry on top is that when I got an email asking me to review their shit customer service and it wouldn’t let me submit it because they closed out the order.

    I’ll admit the Play Arts Kai looks good but there are higher quality figures. Here is the link for the better figures.



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