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Original Final Fantasy 3 for the nes.

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    I don’t know if its been discussed before, but are there any plans for the hosts to try the nes version of Final Fantasy 3? The game was never released in the U.S. and I believe it was only available to the States as a fan translated ROM on the internet somewhere. Does a version of the game not being released in our location justify the ROM use? I have played this version of the game, I downloaded the ROM back when i was just discovering roms, and I loved it! It is the only original numbered Final Fantasy that hasn’t been covered on the show, doesn’t that bother the OCD- completionist in you, or does the DS remake count as good enough?



    I love the original version of FF3 on the NES (its one of the best looking NES games)
    But the hosts already said they won’t be playing it. The DS version remake is the only one they played and will play for the show.



    Yeah the hosts are anti piracy and it’s been discussed at some length.

    I’m currently playing through the series and i’m on FF3 at the moment. I did put the NES version on my PSP but honestly it was to much of a step back for me. Just un-equipping armor took forever, so I switched to DS version and honestly, its a very good game. Not as good as FF2 but for me, but I did play the PSP version of FF2 which fixes a lot of its issues and (unlike the hosts) I did the additional story part to FF2 ‘Soul of rebirth’ so I claim HOG for that 🙂 I did post a review for it on the old forums but that is now lost to the sands of time… 🙁


    Joseph DeGolyer

    I put a stamp of approval on pirating games that were never localized, however, we already played FF3. Original version or not, if we chose to do every version of every ff we would be on ff8 right now…maybe.

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