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Old Games for the Nude

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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been thinking about some games for you all to play so I thought I’d pull form my childhood experiences with games.

    First I was thinking along the line of NES games as that was my first console way back at the end of the 80’s, especially considering that mini NES that’s coming out. But everyone one has played the NES and still to this day I can’t finish super Mario Bro’s 1 (2 and 3 I did complete :))

    So to go off piste… I’m going to suggest some of the best Saga MegaDrive games from my childhood! ( I think it was the Saga Genesis in the US?)

    1: Flashback – (released as Flashback: The Quest for Identity in the United States, is a 1992 science fiction cinematic platform game) This is one of my all time Fave games, check it out if you haven’t already. there is a re-make on steam but original would be better.

    2: ToeJam and Earl (an action video game) This game is odd but amazingly fun and a little frustrating at times. available on steam!

    3: World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (known in Japan as I Love Mickey & Donald: Fushigi na Magic Box??? is a 1992 platformer video game) Again just odd and fun!

    4: Ecco the Dolphin (an action-adventure game) Good fun and available now on multiple platforms.

    5: Altered Beast (a 1988 beat ’em up arcade game) side scrolling at its best

    The list could go on, but a few other worthy mentions go to Aladdin (which is the finest video game based on a move ever), Desert Strike, the Earthworm Jim games, Mega Lo Mania (my first strategy game) the Sonic games and, Road rash (soooo good!!!)

    There are many others but this is just the stuff I remember the most. In fact even writing this post has been fun just to remember the enjoyment I had with these games. 🙂


    David Alvarez

    I was also thinking of suggesting some titles so I hope you dont mind me doing so here.
    Btw i have Alladin on the snes so if we are talking about the same game, I agree, it is a good one.

    Nes games:
    Crystalis – One of my favorites. It plays like the first Zelda but better which is not surprising since it came out about 5 years after it.

    Wizards and Warriors – They made 2 sequals for this one, but the first is handsdown the best. Its gameplay is super mario-esq but the theme and feel is very different.

    Ps2 game:
    The Bouncer – Not sure which show this game was mentioned in but I can share a few things about it. First it is not a fighting game, Ive heard these types of games called beatem-ups, the most well known one of these is Final Fight by Capcom (well known to me I suppose). It is also a fairly short game, iirc you can easily beat it in about 5hrs, the combat is very simple just like most beatem-ups and it is fun in short doses.

    Original xbox games:
    Phantom dust – Although the most entertaining part of this game was its online multi-player modes, which are no longer available, this game still has a very good storyline and a very unique combat system. Its hard to describe but think of a 3rd person fighter, somewhat like Dissidia ff, but the skills you use in battle and the energy required to use them revolve around what is essentially a card game. Highly reccomend it.

    Ps3 games:
    Heavenly Sword – Early ps3 title, im sure youve all heard it. I love this game even though some parts of it are ruined by ps3s 6-axis controller gimmick.



    On a fairly recent podcast joe says you have covered most game genres but have not gone proper old school yet and played a point and click. Also I’ve never seen a top 100 games list (I know your crossing them off as you play) without at least one of the monkey island games and grim fandango on it. I think it’s time you gave one a shot. If you don’t fancy paying for one of those I think the most recent telltale monkey island series is free to play on PS4 and is one of my favs. I’ve yet to find a podcast that has reviewed the series, the clan could be the first! One more thing ….. I’m nude right now



    Yes!!! Point and Clicks were great fun (but very frustrating at times)

    Best point and clicks as follows:

    Monkey Island 3 (the curse of monkey island)
    Simon the sorcerer
    Disk world
    Day of the tentacle
    and my personal fav, Broken sword 1 & 2.

    PLEASE review one. I also think day of the tentacle is currently on the free PSN games this month so no excuses guys!!!!

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