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    Ty Jackson

    so for the first time in a long while a grew a pair and decided to play through a horror game (which i haven’t done since RE 4) and i must say i picked the right game with Observer. now admittedly this game is considered a “walking simulator” because as far as game play goes there’s slim to none of it. there is a little bit of cat and mouse and some puzzle solving but this game is more of an experience then anything else. think of a noir detective story mixed with blade runner and the matrix and you have the Observer. you play as a detective (voiced by Rutger Hauer) in a dystopian future where everyone is either heavily augmented or has had micro chips implanted into their brain. You as the observer have the ability to plug into the micro chips in these people’s brains and relive their past and the moments leading right up to before you plugged in.

    If i was to say anything else i feel like i’d be doing a disservice to the games story so if anyone here is looking to play through a horror game this would be at the top of my suggestion list.

    i mean come on…..it’s only $30 and the main character is voiced by Rutger Hauer what more needs to be said?

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