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Nudity/Sex in Video Games

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    Jim Ly

    Hi there!

    Regarding nudity/sex in video games discussion in Nude Clan Episode #58:

    Idea: When it comes to rooms/brothels/dungeons, perhaps simply place a frustrating sign on the door/entrance that says something silly like “Minors not welcome! Have a nice day!”, wherein kids will not be able to access these areas without some sort of approval. I’m going on assumption that a user’s PS4 login or whatever keeps track of a person’s age (I wouldn’t fully know because the last console I ever owned is a PS1 and I’m unsure of how logins and such on consoles are handled nowadays). And I say frustrating because imagine a teen finding a brothel (knowing well enough what a brothel is) and realizing he is locked out. (Haha!) Overall the developers can continue adding all the nudity they want into a game, so long as X-rated material is designed into lockable areas as opposed to nakedness roaming freely through Balamb Garden or the streets of Grand Theft Auto. There may be limitations or inpracticalities to design, of course, but something to consider. Or perhaps force a minor to find “the sacred key” in a very difficult dungeon if they wish to enter the brothels and bear witness to sacred acts within.

    Just some silly thoughts!


    Jim Ly

    Oh crumbs! Forgot I have a Wii and Wii U 😸


    El Pumo

    The kids would probably be able to collect the keys and we’d be the ones who couldn’t get in!



    If the game has sexual content a kid should not be playing it, simple as.


    Cameron Wilson

    If it is in the game, I’m sure kids will find a way. No better way to get them to do something than to tell them it’s not for them.



    This is just a pointless idea imo, what game are we talking here where the only thing in a game we don’t want teenagers to see a brothel but we don’t mind them seeing everything else?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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