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Nudeclan E3 Predictions and Wishlist?

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    Bonus question will you guys be watching the Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft E3 livestreams on Twitch and streaming it like Joe and Kalebcraig did last year with the FFXV Uncovered event?



    How about 1 thing you’re excited about or hope to see at each press conference:

    EA: Amy Hennig’s (Writer/Director of Uncharted 1-3) Star Wars game. Been announced for a couple years with virtually no information or footage, it’s time.

    Bethesda: The Evil Within 2. I’m not a big fan of either of their big RPG series (Elder Scrolls or Fallout). I never played Evil Within but I know someone who would be super pumped about 2 so I hope it happens for them.

    Microsoft: New IP! Don’t really Care about Gears/Halo/Forza etc., do something new and interesting! Would be the perfect time to show something new off along with the big Scorpio reveal

    Ubisoft: New Assassin’s Creed. Very glad they took some time off, I’m actually excited for a new game in the series. Bonus points for the hopefully-entertaining Mario + Rabbids crossover game disaster.

    Sony: Hard to pick just one, but I think I’m most interested in seeing Spider-Man gameplay. God of War and Ni No Kuni 2 are probably the runners up. Sony is almost always the best conference, can’t wait for this one.

    Nintendo: Pokemon console RPG. It’s time. This one may already be announced before E3, since there’s some sort of Pokemon announcement happening tomorrow, so we’ll see. I also need to see some 2018 games for Switch, I’m tired of hearing about Arms and Splatoon and don’t care all that much about Mario.


    Jacob Wright

    Sony is going to put the PS4 slim at $200 and PRO at $300 in order to compete with PROJECT SCORPIO. Scorpio will be $700 at launch. The Big 3 of Sony will show up; Insomniac will show off Spiderman; Sucker Punch with a new I.P and Naughty Dog with Last Of Us Part 2. Hideo will show up with another trailer to show off the Decima engine but no gameplay. Square-Enix is going to announce the Final Fantasy 30th Essential Collection with 1-9 on ALL 3 platforms (switch;x1;ps4) and will tell us about FF7 but nothing interesting about it. Then bring on Hiroyuki Ito show off FF12: Zodiac age; and to announce the next game he is working on. Might have Final Fantasy in it’s title.

    Mother 3 (Earthbound series) gets a release date for the U.S.
    Bayonetta 3
    Kingdom Hearts 3 release date.
    Xenosaga HD Collection
    Xenoblade Chronicles X for the switch.
    Morrowind HD



    Nintendo: biggest hope has to be either Virtual console or Smash deluxe.

    Xbox: I really wanna see how expensive the Scorpio is. Won’t buy it but want to see

    PlayStation: Days Gone release date hopefully for this year

    Ubisoft: new Splinter cell (I really hope so) but I’m interested in this rabbids x Mario RPG.

    EA: I can’t wait to see more of the Star Wars RPG.

    Could have gone into more detail but figured I’d keep it short and sweet



    Almost forgot for Bethesda I would love a new wolfenstein New Order was my favorite FPS in the last few years with its deep hitting story and it’s grindhouse like feel.



    I don’t have particular wishes but I am almost certain that Bethesda is going to show off some Fallout 4 VR during E3. I’ve been hearing about for a little while now but I’m “eh” about. I get VR, it’s a new interesting thing, but I’m just not all that interested in it yet. Nothing has really excited me about it.

    I’m honestly hoping that Square will give us some FFVII information as well as some information on maybe what their plans are for the future? Are they just sitting on FFXV for a while or are they developing a new title at least a little bit.

    Holy shit @blackmagejustin, a new Splinter Cell is something I would love…especially after the odd, but fun Conviction.

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