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    Kaleb Schweiss

    Has the podcast inspired any of you to play a game you otherwise may have skipped? On the flip side, have you been successful in slowly brainwashing any of the hosts into playing a game you’d like to hear our thoughts on?



    The show interested me in the new Doom when you all were going over that, thanks by the way. Not yet, in regards to the second question. But I’ll get to cooking on that.


    Jacob Wright

    I will brainwash the hosts with: RE4; Resident Evil 4; Biohazard 4



    You know, I suppose if I could brainwash the hosts to play something it’d be Earthbound. That’s a pretty accessible classic on the Nintendo Eshop, and it’d aid in wants for the podcast to tackle Nintendo games.

    If I could have the show play anything, it’d be one of the titles from the Lunar series on ps1. Just a guilty pleasure that’d probably be too much trouble for the hosts to get their hands on. So forget I said that.

    Speaking of Resident Evil, might be cool get everyone’s thoughts on the new one when I comes out next year, if the show has access to a VR headset.



    I haven’t listened to much of the Nude yet but I have been wanting to get my hands on Last Guardian and The Order. Now, I am holding out on listening to those reviews as I am wanting to avoid any spoilers but seeing the clan has played those games it makes me want to play them even more just to see if we agree on them.


    Cameron Wilson

    Those both are definitely games you should play at some point. I would wait for the order to be on sale though.



    The amount of money you pay for the Order will highly influence your enjoyment of the game.



    GameStop usually has used copies of The Order for $10 and I have a couple games I plan on trading in just jumped 50% to 70% so seems like a good time to do pick that up.



    Tried a few games yes but as far as convincing you guys to play games I like eh its still a ways off probably.

    Also you should really do some Nintendo games like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Earthbound, Kirby, etc.



    Kaleb should play Witcher 3 a-fucking-sap so he can tell me how the combat is AIDS, sudequests are boring and I completely overhyped it. :p.


    Raistlin Mustaine

    You guys influenced me to get back into gaming period. 2 years ago I started listening to the UFF podcast and I didn’t even have a console lol. Now I own a PS4 and just beat Resident Evil 7. My hog status isn’t high but I beat more games this year than the last 10 years.



    [Nude]Clan has influenced me to buy Doom 2016 (which is awesome) and Final Fantasy XV (which I haven’t even opened). I have tried to influence them to play Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 7, and expose them to Nintendo games I know they haven’t played, but have had very little effect or interest for that matter.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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