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Nude Clan casting

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    No section for our questions to you just yet so for now answer here!

    If Nude Clan we’re to have a movie who would you cast as the Clan? What would the plot be? Bonus: you can cast Dylan, Jake, and Drew.



    Joe: Jack Black
    Schweiss: Willem Defoe
    Cameron: Simon Pegg
    Craig: Steve Harvey

    Dylan: Sean Bean
    Jake: Malcolm McDowell
    Drew: Who?



    Drew is the host of the Godzilla podcast and was on the Pokemon anniversary episode.



    Sean Bean is playing me? I can support that, even though that means I’m going to die in this movie. I feel like the clan movie would be quite similar to the movie This Is the End. Here is who would play who:

    Joe: Jonah Hill
    Schweiss: James Franco
    Cameron: Seth Rogen
    Craig: Craig Robinson (Craig will play Craig)
    Dylan: Michael Cera
    Jake: Danny McBride
    Drew: Jay Baruchel



    Honestly, I think I nailed Craig with Steve Harvey, that one should be set in stone.


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Joe: Michael Fassbender
    Schweiss: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Cameron: Christian Bale
    Craig: John Goodman
    Dylan: Jesse Eisenberg
    Jake: Thomas F. Wilson
    Drew: Ryan Gosling


    Alexandria Enfield

    Joe: Michael Fassbender
    Schweiss: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Cameron: Christian Bale
    Craig: John Goodman
    Dylan: Ryan Phillippe
    Jake: Kid Rock
    Drew: Tom Felton



    Just to specify all these would be in their prime and not at their current age.

    Joe: Tom Selleck or Heath Ledger
    Schweiss: Burt Reynolds or Jake Gyllenhaal
    Cameron: John Cusack or Matthew Broderick
    Craig: Ned Beatty or Christian Slater
    Dylan: Charles Bronson or Bruce Willis
    Jake: Nat Wolff or Joseph Gordon Levitt
    Drew: Clint Eastwood or Michael Douglas


    Jacob Wright

    I’m totally down with Danny McBride playing me. The “Biff” one had me cracking up.

    Straight Outta [Nude] Clan
    Directed By Michael Bay

    Plot: is a Origin story of how the clan came to be. In Utah; Joe is a professional balloon twister and Schweiss is celebrating his 23rd birthday at Chuck’E’Cheese. They hit it off discussing Bitches N Beer; and wanting to form a Supergroup to take stage at Chuck’E’Cheese, instead of the animatronic band. They know that they need more members so they recruit fellow patrons Dylan & Cameron. The 1st few gigs go well, but the manager of chuck’e’cheese (Jake) will only pay them in tickets. So due to the lack of pay; Dylan leaves the band. Looking for a new member they ask Craig if he would like to join; so they cut a deal with the manager where Craig gets paid with Pizza. After 13 years the clan wants bigger and better deals but the shady manager won’t let them out of their contracts. So they hire Drew (a Professional Hitman) to try and take him out.

    All actors would be in their PRIME AGE
    Joe: Sean Spicer (oh yes)
    Schweiss: Tom Cruise
    Cameron: Keanu Reeves
    Craig: John Candy
    Dylan: Stephen Dorff
    Jake: Ben Kingsley
    Drew: Ethan Hawke



    Joe- Seth Rogen
    Caleb Schweiss- Jason Segal
    Caleb Craig- Jonah Hill
    Cameron- Jay Baruchel

    After receiving video of a political assassination organized by the government from a listener who happens to be a super hacker, the 4 hosts of a video game podcast are on the run for their lives while evading government assassins and struggle with what to do with the video. Will they survive? Will they have to explain to their audience why they still haven’t beaten a game? They have seven things to do and dying isn’t one of them. “Duude… the government is trying to kill us.”



    Also, written and directed by Evan Goldberg.

    I chose Joe as Seth Rogen because of Superbad and the dick drawings. I known Jonah Hill was the actor but the character was based off of Seth Rogen.

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