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    I have to admit I like the idea of this console a lot. I got the PS Vita primarily for the remote play option so in the winter, when I play games the most, my husband can use the TV and I can game. (No, we won’t be getting a second TV, one is enough.) It seems easier to use than setting up the remote play every time, doesn’t suck up bandwidth to do it and the screen looks to be a good size. I do really love Nintendo handhelds and use my 3DS all the time. The Skyrim bit doesn’t bother me, an HD remake is coming out on all the consoles in a week or so and I plan to play it again, but it’s about the only game I saw that I would want to play on that console.

    That said I see two potential ‘problems’ with this console. I can’t see it having the power of the PS4 and Xbox one or even the Wii-U. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m betting graphics, frame rate and game size are going to suffer. I’m not usually a huge graphics person, hell, I play Bethesda games, those are NOT known for great graphics, but a lot of people consider graphics to be important and I don’t blame them really. Not when the tech is to this point. My second concern would be the menu of games. (menu? whatever) This has been a point of weakness for Nintendo since the N64 and it hasn’t gotten any better. I will keep an eye on this console for sure, it’s moving in the right direction. Mobility is a much more practical move than the motion controls were, but I’m going to wait and see what the game line-up looks like before I start saving my money.



    My worry with the system is that they’re going to rely on it as their main handheld system as well. Don’t get me wrong, taking a game I’d play on a console on the go or say playing Pokemon on my television would be nice but I also love my 3DS and fear they’re going to just stick to one system.

    However I do thing that the overall concept of the console in that, like Felicia, I’d be able to play a game still why my SO was using the one television we share.

    But like most of Nintendo’s consoles I probably won’t pick it up until the console defining game drops (new Animal Crossing/ Smash) or the price drops. I’ll stick to the WiiU that I hardly use.



    I can’t wait to get it. Its going to be awesome.



    Just finished listening to the Switch discussion episode and have a few thoughts:

    I thought the trailer was great, because every second of it was meant to market their system a certain way. One of the gripes during the discussion on the show was that Nintendo is showing off Skyrim which is a five year old game. Skyrim is being released as an HD remaster with all DLC content included on all major consoles currently, so obviously the game is still largely popular. There are two reasons Nintendo decided to show Skyrim running on the Switch: 1) it shows that the system will be receiving third party support, something sorely lacking from the Wii U, and 2) the target audience for this system is young adults. If you look at every clip of the trailer, there is not a single child in any scene, which sends a clear message that this system is not the “child’s” system like the Wii U was marketed as. Skyrim is also a more mature game which is something that detractors of Nintendo have said was lacking from their software lineup, and one of the main knock from more “mature” gamers.

    As far as portability goes, statements from Nintendo have said the Switch is a HOME CONSOLE, which means that they will still support their handheld system. They will still create games for their handheld system(s) and are satisfying the mobile market with new software. The ability to play your home console games on the go is what is appealing about the Switch. During the episode Joe pointed out that the guy missed a sunset while playing his Switch, and the girl brought her system to the party which would detract from her social experience. Unfortunately this is the world we live in now regardless of the Switch. Go to any party or national park and you will find people already glued to their smart phones. Nintendo at least made the effort to make the Switch a social console, and were clever enough to make the left and right controllers act as individual controllers for two player experiences.

    As for Zelda not being exclusive to the Wii U, this was merely an opportunity for Nintendo to have an amazing title at launch for their new system. From a business standpoint, Nintendo realized the Wii U was a failure, and decided it was time to cut bait on their system and look to the future. Nintendo could have easily made the decision to make Breath of the Wild exclusive to the Switch, but did not want to neglect their Wii U market further by not releasing a main series Zelda game for their console.

    While I do have my own concerns about the system (battery life, peripherals, price, etc.), I felt Nintendo sent the right message to Nintendo fans and the gaming community in general, and from my experience most of the feedback has been positive. I was cautiously optimistic prior to the reveal but now plan to get one at launch.



    I would say price and games are the biggest considerations when it comes to purchasing this console. I can honestly say it’s the only Nintendo main console I’ve been interested in since the Cube. At 250 this would be a no brainer. At 400, I would look at getting a used one from craigslist, which is how we got our 360, becasue I am cheap and patient. At 300-350, it would be a tough choice and I’d probably still just wait and get it used. Especially since there are a slew of games coming out in the next year that I really want. Still, I am pretty excited to see how this console goes over, I am digging it thus far.

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