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    Did anybody watch the Nintendo Switch presentation? My initial thoughts are as follows:
    – $300 price tag is much too high for what they are offering.
    – There is no way I’m going to pay for a Nintendo online service.
    – Mario and Zelda look great, but nothing else shown was very exciting.
    – Limited storage space is concerning.
    – The battery life is pathetic.

    Overall, I’m a bit disappointed with the Switch. I’m not convinced that its worth buying at launch as of right now. What do you guys think?



    Pass. That company is done


    Jacob Wright

    @D-ROM My sentiments exactly.

    Aside from Dragon Quest XI, the best you can do for 3rd Party support is a FIFA game and other OLD games as ports? The focus can no longer be on “party play”. The Wii was a once in a lifetime phenom, but that strategy will no longer work. I don’t care if my “joycon” can scan for Ice Cubes. VR could be cool in the future, but this looks like a bad gimmick.

    A few good notes are:
    – It’s size both during “mobile” and “docked” mode
    – the play style options for the controller.



    I’m on the other side of the fence. I already went and pre ordered one. Zelda and Mario will be amazing, the new SE RPG looks promising, and Xenoblade 2 should be a fantastic sequel. That being said, the press conference was definitely a quirky Japanese event with several awkward moments and none of the “party” games interest me. The price tag doesn’t bother me too much, it’s only $50 more than I anticipated. Battery life is disappointing but I doubt I will play much of it away from the TV anyway. I do feel they totally dropped the ball again with online play, and I won’t be getting an online subscription. The Joy-Con seem a little gimicky, although so did the “Rumble Pack” and now it is a standard feature on every controller. The good news about the motion controls is that they will be able to offer Wii and Wii U titles on the switch, therefore meaning those games aren’t tied to their specific consoles and lost forever. The issue with Nintendo hasn’t been quality, it’s been quantity, and I’m optimistic by the looks of their launch lineup that they learned from their mistakes of the Wii U and they will start pumping out great games at a higher rate.



    $300 is high and hardly any games coming out for it this year. Seems like few announced titles and most are coming next year and the year after.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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