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    AKA ‘Another open world RPG’

    This is, however, a Yoko Taro game. For anyone who hasn’t heard of him, he’s basically Mr. Cult Classic, he makes niche games that everyone accepts are very much bad in a lot of ways yet are an amazing sum of their parts in others. I consider them an an auteur in gaming similar to someone like Kojima, the distinguishing characteristics of a Yoko Taro game are bleak, bleak settings, no one getting a happy ending and the world going to shiti n a melting pot of ‘What the actual fuck!’.

    The main problem with his games is that they usually have bad gameplay/good stories, this game subverts that by having gameplay by ‘Platinum’, the people responsible for Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta, basically THE guys. This isn’t their best work for sure, but it’s also not a full on action game so that’s okay imo, it retains the first Nier (which you don’t need to have played to enjoy this)’s sense of variety by mixing SHMUP, 2D, on rail, bullet hell and other sections that you won’t usually find in a game like this, whilst still retaining a solid beat em up battle system, which is customizable because you play as an Android that can change her plug-in chips and these will affect her abilities, I’m using a Glass cannon build atm but you can just as well go tanky if you want, or ranged attack specialization.

    Game is about two Android units sent from Humanities moon base back to Earth, where we got pushed off by an invasion of machines, hense why we go in to scout out and find ways to get back.

    That’s about as non spoilery as it gets, this is a Yoko Taro game, and that means nothing is that simple, I don’t consider getting the credits for Ending A to be beating the game, every route in his games gets more and more demented, even though it’s already pretty fucked up, early on you come across an orgy of robots that resemble R2-D2 with stubby arms and legs, then they form together and out pops a naked androgynous Android with no genitals to fight you, it’s a pretty crazy game.



    I am really interested in this game and will probably pick up a used copy in a month or three, as is my habit. It looks pretty cool and I love mood stuff. Always looking for another game that fits me and keeps me playing. I get bored easily with games, which sucks.



    Okay, so I got all Endings for this now and it was awesome, you won’t see a better executed credits sequence than the one this game does, I don’t think.

    Game itself is really good, I hated that Route B was 80% the same as Route A, but Route C made up for it, this game starts off simple enough and descends into insanity quite nicely, some bits are pretty fucking grim.

    This is getting reviewed much higher better than Mass Effect Andromeda, never thought I’d see the day when people will finally get sick of Mass Effect after the first one and finally appreciate a Yoko Taro game, precisely for being the sort of game he’s known for no less, good tbh.



    I’m about halfway through Route B, it’s fantastic so far. Depending on what game people vote for coming up soon we might be getting a Nude Clan review too 😛



    As long as they get all endings.



    I tried Mass Effect and I couldn’t even finish the first one. I just don’t do FPS and that’s what the combat was, so it made me motion sick. Sucks, but that’s my reality. It wasn’t gripping enough for me to tough out the motion sickness like the last half of Portal was. I had to play Portal in 10-15 minute sittings for the last half, it made me so damn sick, but it was worth it.

    I’m pretty much sold on picking up a used copy of this game. Call me names if you must, but I do used games at GameStop becasue I have a week to bring them back if I don’t like them and I end up not liking games enough to keep playing them a lot. I’m too old to waste time on games I don’t feel a NEED to play. Pretty sure I’m going to take Dragon Age Inquisition back and trade it in for that very reason. Going back to that game feels like a chore and I ain’t got time for that shyt. Nier seems like just my kettle of fish.



    The game is wonderful. Has a great ost. Replay is pretty high with all the endings. The game isn’t hard at all it’s very fun to play. I’d give it a 5/5



    If you stop playing this game before Ending C, you straight up played half a game. It might be technically eligible for Hog because you have multiple credits, but you absolutely didn’t finish the game.



    Need a new game to play. Watched some gameplay footage on this the other day. Is it worth picking up?

    I am thinking this or Rise of the Tomb Raider. Have not had a chance to play that yet. School and work rule my life…



    @fruff it is absolutely worth picking up. The story/themes/characters are outstanding and the OST is fantastic as well. Gameplay is sort of in the Bayonetta/Devil May Cry/ Metal Gear Rising style, but it’s MUCH easier than those games in my experience.

    One thing to keep in mind is you have to play the game long after the first time you get credits to actually beat it. You essentially play the first half twice from two different perspectives, then play the second half. If you stop after the first “ending” (Route A) you only got like 35% of the story (and most of the good shit is in Route C.



    Yeah, in my opinion if you only got the bad ending of an RPG, however long it takes to get the true ending, you didn’t really beat it and only claimed you did for the Hog. (I would say it doesn’t count but I don’t make the rules, or care :P)

    Also, I wantto stress, it’s an action type RPG, it’s heavier on the action part but still don’t go in expecting it to be like Bayonetta, it’s not even as tight an action game as Transformers Devastation, but it’s more than the sum of its parts.

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