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Nier Automata Re-hash

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    So I recently Picked up Nier Automata For Pc from a steam sale this week and i decided to go back and re-listen to the Review you guys did. And one thing that sticks out to me is How the graphics for the environment on ps4 was negative point for you. On pc on highest settings the game looks great! I was wondering if anyone has played both versions and seen a difference. I have a pretty High-end Video card “R.I.P wallet” and was wondering if anyone else feels the same.



    No comment on the graphics, just make sure you actually beat the game because none of the hosts did đŸ˜‰



    lol i have gotten three endings for fun so far. I am trying to do every single side quest in the game right now. I am at about 25% And i am gonna try to shoot for all the main endings while throwing in the little ones here and there


    King Zilla

    I have Nier Automata both on PC and PS4. The issue is that on PC you need a beefy GPU because by default the Global Illumination setting on PC is set to ultra. This setting is not in the games menu. If you have a mid-card GPU (even a 1060) tanks on high with this game. On the PS4 however, Global Illumination is set to low, which affects the lighting. Also the PS4 (normal, not Pro) version runs at 900p whereas the Pro runs at 1080p. All this adds to the PS4 version looking like ass compared to PC ultra.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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