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Nier: Automata, additional reading

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    During the Nier review, Craig mentioned the lack of A2 backstory in the game as a negative (I agree) and Joe expressed an interest in reading a bit more about the world/series.

    Prior to the game’s release, director Yoko Taro wrote a play that was performed several times in Japan, it’s all about A2s story and what happened to the earlier Yorha model Androids. I thought this fan translation of it was very well done: http://nier2.com/blog/yorha-stage-play/

    Taro also wrote additional scripts mostly taking place after Ending E that were performed live by the voice actors during several Nier live concerts in Japan. These have been translated as well: http://mintychu.dreamwidth.org/tag/script

    Who knows, maybe if you guys get desperate for an episode topic between reviews or during a delay (*cough Cam cough*) you can read through them like On The Way To A Smile on UFF.






    And here is an interview with the team who localized the game, I thought it was interesting: http://www.pcgamer.com/localizing-nier-automata-one-of-pcs-weirdest-games/



    Not really additional reading, but something to consider is both NieR games were designed as deconstructions of common video game tropes, as Joe kind of hit on with the Pulp Fiction comparison. This really comes to light with things like Easy Mode being basically an autoplay. It was designed that way as a comment on the trend of video games to get easier and easier to appeal to wider audiences.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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