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New FF15 Update

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    Yesterday launched the new updated for the game and some nice stuff for season pass holders. My question is have you all played them yet and what your thoughts are on them? I really enjoyed the new sword that I got, it hits really hard when you warp strike. I also stumbled on something in he playstation store. Do you all remember the pre order bonuses for getting it through different stores? Well now you can buy those weapons and car decals for like .49 cents. Which in my mind makes pre ordering kind of stupid. If it’s an exclusive item don’t make it something you can buy later.



    I havent equipped the new sword yet, I have played the limited hunt a few times and filled my inventory of mega potions and remedies. I am hoping we get some pretty awesome original monsters out of that soon.



    It was nice to finally get my hands on Lightning’s sword, even if it’s completely useless now.

    I’m also really enjoying the limited-time hunts! The two posted so far have been unique and entertaining. I’ll just have to remember they’re coming, and not miss any.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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