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Name mispronounciations in FF

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    Hello! New to the forums and relatively new to the podcast, but long time FF fan. My first FF was playing (and then I’m pretty sure accidentally erasing) my dad’s FF1 game on the NES.

    I didn’t return to the games until FF7, being too poor for new systems until my dad snagged me a semi-busted PS1 (sound would go in and out). That and Crash were my ONLY GAMES until I eventually got a job and could feed my addiction.

    Needless to say, I was hooked from the moment my preteen eyes landed on that beautiful, slightly cross eyed, Lego man.

    And that gets me to my question! Apologies if this has been asked, of course….

    For the longest time I was misreading and thus mispronouncing MANY of the FF character’s names. Here are some examples:

    Locke was and still IS Lockey in my mind. I was young and had yet to learn of any philosophers.

    Red XIII was just “red-x” said really fast… I guess bc I was lazy? Or I couldn’t read Roman numerals?

    Cait sith was cat sith – not too bad and I dare say anyone who didn’t call him that at least once is a LIAR.

    Yuffie was like yuppie except with f’s. I still prefer this one.

    Tseng was ten-sang bc I guess I was super sheltered and not exposed to enough other cultures (I was also NOT hooked on phonics).

    And the WORST… Zebironth for Sephy. This is most likely because if a name is more than five letters I give up. This is still true.

    I mentioned this to my sister and said it was probably bc of my age at the time – until she reminded me that I call Tidus Tide-us. When I heard Teet-us the first time I immediately thought of boobies, but to me Tide-us fit more with the water themes in ten…. However, I will concede that both analogies work.

    So apparently unless an FF name is shouted at me via some poor SOB trying to time English words to Japanese mouth movements, I will not learn it correctly.

    So I ask you this: were there any FF character names you said wrong growing up? Are there any that make you laugh now? Are there any that you PREFER to this day?

    Ps: yes, after this I do promise to write a review on iTunes



    The only ones that I can remember is that I would mispronounce Edea as A-dea instead of Ed-ea, Ultimecia as Ultime-see-a instead of Ultime-sha, Zidane as Zi-dayne instead of Zi-dahn, and maybe a few towns or spells.

    In fairness Tidus is technically pronounced Ty-dus but Square pronounces it Tee-dus. They also pronounce Cecil as Se-sil instead of See-sil.





    Happened all the time which was funny when you talked with someone and they would pronounce it the “correct” way. Argument ensues. I just thought it was because of my age and the fact that I was reading it. It never bothered me when someone said it differently because I thought it would be open to interpretation. Much like how some people in the Us call soda “pop” or just “cola” or pronounce roof “ruf”. It created a dialect with everyone and that to me was pretty cool.


    Skoll Hati

    Welcome to the forums!!! And great question!

    Oh boy. So my first FF was FF9 which came out probably when I was about 6 so there were a couple.
    Zidane was Zee-din, (idk how or why) and Vivi was Viv-ee. And of course Tidus was tie-dus. And I still call them all by these because it’s just too far ingrained. Plus I actually like those names better but that might just be me. Besides those I thought I did pretty well for such a youngster and can’t think of any others I mispronounced.



    My friend and I have always debated about Sephiroth. I pronounce it se-fa-roth and he has always done Sep-he-roth I realise we might both be wrong but it’s always bugged me. Also my sister’s name is Steph and she used to love FF so whenever she got angry I used to call her stephiroth lol.

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