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More Japanese metal

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    So Joe said Seikima-II (pronounced Seikimatsu) was odd and no one else seemed to like them either. Disappointing because they’re one of my favorite bands but I’m going to try again. How about these Japanese metal bands?

    Anthem. Loudness is the more famous band but these guys are peers. The guitarist is epic:

    Corrupted is a doom metal band. This album is one song, about 70 minutes. Very heavy stuff with clean sections mixed in. I remember Joe and Caleb saying they’re not too into the screaming stuff but this is gold:

    Jurassic Jade is thrash metal. I’m a big fan but I’ll admit, sometimes they try too hard to sound like Slayer (solos included):

    Waggaki Band. I discovered this band recently. They mixe metal with pop and Japanese folk music. If you like bands like Nightwish, then you would dig them but if not, you might hate them. At the very least, the singer and shamisen player are very easy on the eyes:



    This band retired some years ago but I think Joe/kaleb may like Mad Capsule Markets.

    Give these a listen and see what you think. I appreciate its not to everyone’s taste but they were a great band.

    Also check out Tankard, a German Drinking Metal band…. I think you’ll really like them.



    The only Japanese metal song I have come across:



    you should check out Vomit Remnants, Maximum The Hormone, Church of Misery, Girugamesh, Sex Machineguns, just to name a few.

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