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Living in a FF world

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    Out of these FF worlds which would you rather live in? Just remember you have to live for the whole arc of the games story that means before and after shit gets fucked up.

    1. FF Type-0- War breaks out, a lot of people die, ultimately everyone dies and you are stuck in a constant cycle.
    2. FFX- Giant whale monster destroying your peaceful town every ten years or so. An oppressive corrupt religion keeps your lives rural and poor. Unless your Anglo Saxon with an eye defect. Then you are hated.
    3. FFVII- a major corporation (a mix between Con Edison, Exxon, and Walmart) is running the planet. You find out the corporation that has made your life easier is actually going to kill the planet. Eventually Godzilla monsters start fucking up your city while a meteor threatens to hit the planet. Then the plague comes.

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