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    Scott Stewart

    hey lads! im not sure what to put here. i listen to the cast while at work, old and new episodes. i cant agree on a few things, but fuck it, i love the show regardless. just got back to XIV for a bit in hopes that i can stick to it this time. still having issues getting added to the FC atm… but i digress. keep it going guys love every episode.
    bravely default
    T A
    Crystal chronicles
    crisis core(the only good from VII)
    sword of mana
    2( i actually love the music mostly)
    Theatrythm CC
    10 9 ( kraig is right, its all about tidus and his daddy issues and wanting to fuck a girl with heterochromia and would have been better spent focused on yuna)
    10.2 ( good jazz tunes but most of the music is shit and im sure when it came out i was too busy jerking my tatertot to notice.)
    type 0
    MQ easy but still better than any of the mobile games, good but simple tunes and i can blow through it a few times and still enjoy it)

    this is where ill get hate:

    XV ( felt it was an unfinished mess and after knowing what was said on that 4chan post, it makes sense, and i felt that there were too many plot holes and luna was a wasted character, who knew she was going to die but had all the time and power to change her fate and yet she just died like a bitch to serve as an event to make you feel bad)
    VII( yes i know people think its amazing but i got it at release and felt that it was just meh and i just kept feeling like it was easy to guess the next event, and aerith really didnt have any role but to die and make you feel bad.)
    war of the lions. goddamn game sucked all the life out of tactics and made it all floral and took alot of the darkness out of how it felt.

    i collect JRPGs and i have to say i think in all fairness the ps1 is where they shined the most and FF games are the most popular but i think there are better ones out there.
    im not sure exactly how the hog works but i have a massive collection of physicals, and digitals across nes, genesis, snes, dreamcast ps1,2,3,4, psp, vita, xbox , 360, gameboy, gbc, gba, ds, 3ds, atari, and every nintendo console so far.

    please dont shit on me for my opinions, we all have valid reasons for them



    LOL you won’t get any hate. Everyone has their own opinions. I am sure I love games that you don’t like and vice versa. VII is by far my favorite, and the fact that you don’t like it doesn’t bother me at all. Some people get so upset when someone else doesn’t like what they love.



    Yeah, I’ve been shitting and trolling on XV non stop since release, others here were ‘quite’ let down too…I think,


    Kaleb Schweiss

    Welcome, and I’m sorry I didn’t add you to the FC! I was on for half an hour and completely forgot… Tonight!!!


    Scott Stewart

    oddly i cant seem to get anything from members list of the fc to even load in the search bar on ff14 in brinhyldr
    granted i am new to it, and im stuck doing the boring early level stuff

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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