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Let's talk about the (probable) winner of the Uber-vote: Nier Automata

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    This may be a bit premature, but I anticipate the popular Square Enix Action RPG is probably gonna dominate the vote (considering where the bulk of the Nude Clan listener base comes from).

    I know the rules of Nude Clan have basically been that if you start a new game and then get to the credits, you’ve beaten the game. I just want to say that that really should not apply to Neir Automata in my opinion. The structure of the game is unusual, to be sure, but if you have not gotten “endings” A-E you have not beaten the game. If you stop after completing Route A, you’ve seen less than 50% of the story, and the first thing you’re going to say in the review is “I don’t get why people like the story of this game, it seemed pretty basic.”

    Here’s a breakdown of what you have to do to get all required endings (No story spoilers, just game structure):

    Start a new game. Play until you get credits. This is called Route A, it is essentially the first half of the story.

    Load your save. The game then automatically starts you on Route B. Route B is essentially a re-telling of Route A from a different perspective, so unfortunately there is a lot of repeated content (however the opening mission and final 1/3rd are totally different, and there are various new cutscenes, side quests, and a new battle mechanic sprinkled in as well). If that sounds unpleasant you can ignore all the side stuff and just run from objective to objective and probably be done in ~4 hours (with a decent portion of that being new content). At the end of Route B, you get credits again.

    Load that save, then you start Route C. This is 100% all new content that takes place after the A/B routes. This is essentially the 2nd half of the game, or you can think of it as the sequel to A/B, and the main reason you shouldn’t stop after just playing Route A.

    When you’re at the end of Route C, you’re given a choice that leads to either Ending C or Ending D (It’s very obvious when this happens, not something that can be missed or screwed up).

    After getting either ending C or D, you unlock the Chapter Select ability from the main menu. From there, you can reload the very end of Route C and make the opposite choice you made the first time, which gives you the other ending (C or D, whichever you didn’t get before), and then right after that Ending E happens automatically.

    As an added incentive to play through the game enough times, once you’ve beaten Route C you also unlock the ability to purchase trophies in game (using in game currency only, no microtranscations). It’s really easy to save-scum the platinum trophy at that point without doing all the side quests and optional bosses and stuff.

    TL;DR Please don’t Joe-Core this game! It’d be like stopping Final Fantasy 7/9 after Disc 1 because they decided to throw credits in early.


    Cory Bonsack

    I was thinking about this too.



    Agreed, it doesn’t count until you get Ending D.



    Honestly, if you only plan to do Ending A, I dunno if there’s any point bothering.



    Just so there’s no confusion… Ending E is the actual final ending, not D. I agree there’s no point if they aren’t going to stop at A.



    Oh and just so they aren’t freaked out about beating the game 4 times.
    Don’t worry think of them like Chapters. You aren’t playing the same thing over and over again.
    Yoko Taro the director that made this game is kinda crazy like this lol so instead of having the game just continue he split it into 4 chapters basically but its all 1 game with just 1 main story.

    1st playthrough is your first time and is all 100% new first time content.
    2nd playthrough is very similar to the first one but from what I hear you get to breeze through it with knowledge from your first playthrough and skills and stuff you obtained in it.
    3rd and 4th playthrough are 100% new content and you beat the game then.

    I think the game takes about 20-35 hours to beat so each playthrough chapter will take you about 5-8 hours probably




    That’s all correct except it’s only 3 playthroughs, not 4. It takes about 20 minutes to finish the game completely with chapter select after getting ending C/finishing the 3rd playthrough.



    ^Oh ok cool well then I think they can definitely do it.


    Felicia Nomiko

    Yeah, play through 3 times to complete the full story. I played through 3 times and faffed about doing a lot of side missions and grinding and I put 40-50 hours into it. If one is more conservative, then one could get through it in 30 hours easily. It’s one of the few games that made me WANT to play a new game ASAP. A very, very good game. I need to write a full review of this game soon.

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