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    Hey, just wondering if any loyal UFF fans were going to Pomtario in less than 2 weeks? The girlfriend and I will be making the trek up to Toronto and staying for that weekend, also attending Distant Worlds.

    Has anyone been to a Kupocon before? Just curious as to what I can expect?



    Expect crazy cosplay, trading card games, strange events based on ff mini games, and mid to low tier quality panels.



    I was there! I wasn’t sure if I could make it until the week before, but Distant Worlds and KupoCon were both fantastic. It was my second time (I was also at the NJ event back in January) and it’s cool to see how the event has evolved. How did you like it?



    hey, glad to see others are interested in the kupocon events. i went to the bog pom back in January it was the first one of its kind. now as you understand it was the first of its kind it wasn’t as entertaining as a veteran convention but after it goes through a few rounds of events it will be much better. i had a blast being there though i was a bit stressed since it was the first time i cosplayed and i had to walk 7 blocks from a different hotel in the cold. “never going back to NEWARK” now that statement means i wont be visiting jersey any time soon but the fan event was amazing and i plan to see the POMTROPOLIS event in Vancouver Canada this April. i wish i could have gone to POMTARIO but my finances where in order. hope you managed to go to the Vancouver event. Maybe i will see you there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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