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Kojima Interview

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    ..so it IS an April Fool’s…?

    I’m perplexed. What up?



    No nude clan episode this week?



    I appreciate the joke, but it seems like a cheap way for Joe to have technically planned an extra episode for the Paper Mario delay without actually having to do any work.

    They did record a real episode and it’s up on the Twitch archive if you want to watch it now (but that will presumably be next week’s episode).



    Hah, I guess it wasn’t a cheap freebie episode after all, they just uploaded the real one. My bad, Joe.



    Lol kinda ruins the joke when you title it “NOT an April Fool’s”. Whatever, it’s Kojima’s loss 🙂



    Should went all in a did a fake interview pretending to be Kojima, having an english translator and ask questions lol.



    ^^^ This would have been much better. Your a real episode with a promise of the interview at the very end with empty sound. I assumed it was an april fools episode as every podcast that had an episode drop sunday was an april fools episode.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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